The Hand As A Claw

With fingers open, spread, and haJf* flexed like claws, the versatile hand takes on the function of a rake or scraper, as in the upper sketch, or a comb or grappling hook, as shown below . Note the cramped look of the upper hand, obvitusly taut for dealing with stubborn gnt or gravel. The somewhat open fingers below are more appropriate for running gently through the hair.

Hands Holding Something SketchDrawing Claw HandClaws Hands DrawingsClawsdrawing


When the hand is virtually closed except for ihe index finger arching forward and inward, iIk hand as a hook suggests several possible functions. The downward directed hook shown above can raise something in the crook of the finger. But this same hand held horizontally can express the signal "come ahead." The forward-direeled hook below also suggests a retaining hook, a buckle fastener, or a device for holding something steady and in place,

PINCERS AND TWEEZERS When Ihe thumb and forefinger nwet at the fingertips, as shown in the upper drawing, the hand can perform as pinccn or pliers, holding a probe, using a brush as shown, or pulling a nail, Such acts may need the support of the middle finger. However, if the function is more delicate, requiring a light touch, such as holding a pin or a needle, as shown in the lower drawing, or handling a swab in an car or a cut, the fingers function more as tweezers.

Upward Hand Drawing


Four fingers extended upward provide a supporting structure on which an object can rest. The little finger can be moved into this structure, or both tittle finger and fourth finger can be moved away, and the support will still be maintained. Try new sketches showing the support with only three fingers and with all five fingers.

Drawing Hand

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