Overlapping Interlacing And Spiralnc

Overlapping of forms is an essential aspect of foreshortening. Depending on the view from which they are seen, a near form cuts in front of or overlaps the one behind, the second overlaps the third, and so on, like beads on a string. Most overlapping hand forms are curvedā€”knuckles, muscle mounds, fleshy finger pads. These curves are linked by lines formed by narrow finger shanks, tendons coursing down the fingers, surface skin covering, interphalangeal webs, 3nd skin wrinkles, which tend to occur at the hollows and depressions of the hand. In the drawings shown here, the combination of these two forms creates a spiraling effect, particularly in foreshortened views. Note the sinuous, rhythmic pattern of knuckle mounds linked by bone shanks, skin sheathes, and creases. Also note the accented areas of mounds and protrusions and the lines running lengthwise through tlie spiraling volumes of forms.

Human Body ForeshortenedDrawing Hands Escher


Details of form interfacing are shown here on the three schematics alongside the completed hand. In both upper and middle schematics, the interlace arrows move along tendons md skin stresses. Note how the forms on the hand at right tiend into an uninterrupted continuity. The lower schematic shows sharply defined edges and planes along the interlacing and spiraling arrows. Variation in values is used on the finished hand to achieve depth. Note the darker tones on the palm seen in deeper space as well as the cast shadows, which iodicatc overlapping forms, not connecting ones.

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