Inventing Hands In Action

The best hand actions are not necessarily copied cxactly from life. Pictorial logic, design necessity, and the overall concept of the work impose their own demands. Anyone who has seen the interpretive and expressive responses of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Grunewald, or Rodin, will understand the need of the artist to create form in response to his intuitive impulses. A starting point for drawing an original and personal hand in action is to sketch, perhaps even copy, a prosaic view of one of the hand's numerous gestures. It does not have to show a remarkable attitude or even a near relationship to the expected result. It can be only a starting point from which you can develop your own personal vision.


Leonardo Hands Draw

In ihc upper sketch, note how a simple movement of the index finger upward and downward can convey a sense of excitement and different shades of meaning. Changes in the position of the little finger add further emotional inflections to the movement In the lower drawing, each finger change alters the meaning of the gesture. Study these drawings and experiment with changing emotional connotations by moving the drawings into different positions.

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