How To Draw A Claw Hand

The hand can also act as a cup or a bowl, with lingers extended in a circle holding something, as shown from the side view in the upper drawing and from front view in the lower. This is a remarkable change from the hand as a tool, a club, a cleaver. Here the hand must respond to an object outside itself, the object actually governing the contour the hand takes on.

Contour Hand Drawing


When the ami is projected forward against the hand, which is firmly placed with fingertips braced on a table or the ground, with body weight imposed against it, the stiff finger will be spread in a wide ellipse directed outward from the line of the arm. In this position the hand will have the effect of a supporting trestle structure. The fingertips will tend to flatten and push forward from the taut, angularly elevated hand. Note the almost inverted stress of the little fmger, which seems to be near buckling under the weight put upon it*

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    How to draw claws on hands front view?
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