Fist Closure

hi the closed fist, it is important to note the correct orientation of the thumb in opposition to the fingers. In right closure the thumb lip will abut the shank of the middle phalanx of the long finger just below the closed knuckle. The line of thumb direction (shown by broken arrows) points diagonally from the place of middle finger contact across the center of the fourth finger knuckle toward the intersection of the little finger palm knuckle,

Middle Finger Side Pose

INSIDE AND OUTSIDE ANGLES The drawing here il lustrale s (he swing of the hand from extreme inside to extreme outside positions. The hand is placed on a flat surface, palm side down, with the pivot position at zero. The broken line (A), continuing from the inner arm line (B)< represents the line of the index finger in normal position. When the index finger line swings inward (C) the angle will be approximately 30 degrees from line B. When the inde* finger swings outward (whole palm of course), the angle will be 45 degrees from A to /X Tlius the total swing of the palm from inside to outside will be an arc of 75 degrees from C lo D.

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