Behavior And Occupations

Drawing hands involved in various occupations can be either prosaic or exciting. Since the hand is the most plastic part of the anatomy, it can fit around or grasp an infinite variety of shapes in countless positions. Thus an enormous variety of occupations can involve highly complex use of the hands. Occupations often require the use of some kind of utensil or tool to which the hand must adapt itself. The kind of drawing one does of the hand working at various occupations is determined to a great extent by the instrument the hand must use. In this chapter you will sec how the clement of design plays an important pari in executing not only a visually clear but also a visually appealing drawing of the hand involved in an occupation.

Women Hand Arm Illustrations


The hands shown here are all women's hands, well cared for, with a certain grace of gesture and finger movement that suggests a cultivated or privileged background. The hand above, with its finger cleva* lions and extensions, could be that of a somewhat glamorous personality. In all sketches, the flesh appears firm but soft, suggesting both youth and maturity. The hands in all sketches reveal character: in the middle and lower ones, an object helps mold the form of the hand.

DESIGNING A TECHNICIAN'S HAND Bringing out the eloquence of a prosaic subjcci takes great skill. Here the hands of a technician using laboratory instruments could become both dull and difficult . But not if a design concept is incorporated. In this drawing the focal point of the design is the instruments connecting at an angle. All the fingers relate to this angle, and tte veins of tte lower hand restate the design theme. Both the lower little finger pointing toward the vector center and the angle of the arm follow the dominant direction of the design,

Drawing Hands Vector

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