Rg. 3/10

This operation is shown in Fig. 3/10.

Tha ratio between the I rue length and the isometric length is isometric unoth — true length x 0 8165.

Isometric Scale

This ratio is constant for all lines measured parallel to any of the isometric axes. If you are asked to draw an object using an isometric scale, your scale may be constructed as in Fig. 3/10 or you may construct a conventional plain scale as shown in Fig. 3/11. The initial length of this scale is 100 x 0.8165 - 81.65 mm. The scale is then completed as shown in Chapter 1.

Exercises 3 (All questions originally set in Imperial units) . Draw full size an isometric projection of the component shown in Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the arrow A. Hidden details are not to be shown. Associated Lancashire Schools Examining Board y


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