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4. Construct a diagonal seal« in which 40 mm represents 1 m. The scale ts to read down to 10 mm and is to cover a range of 5 m. Mark off a distance of 4 m 780 mm.

5. Construct a diagonal scale of 25 mm to represent 1 m which can be used to measure m and 10 mm up to 8 m. Using this scale construct a quadrilateral ABCD which stands on a base AB of length 4 m 720 mm and having BC - 3 m 530 mm. AD - 4 m 170mm, /-ABC = 120* and ¿.ADC - 90* Measure and state the lengths of the two diagonals and the perpendicular height, all correct to the nearest 10 mm. Angles must be constructed geometricalhr

Oxford Local Examinations (Question originally set in Imperial units; see Chapter 2 for information not in Chapter 1).

6. Construct a diagonal scale, ten times full sire, to show mm and tenths of a mm and to read to a maximum of 20 mm. Using the scale, construct a triangle ABC with AB 17.4 mm. BC 13 8 mm and AC 11 mm. Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examinations Board geschützte

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