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To construct a square givsn the diagonal (Fig. 2/22)

1. Draw tha diagonal AC.

2. BissctAC.

3. With centra 0 and radius OA (■» OC) draw a circle to cut the bisecting line in B and D.

ABCD rs the required square.

To construct a rectangle given the length of the diagonal and one of the sides (Pig. 2/23)

1. Draw the diagonal BD.

3. With centre O and radius OB (- OD) draw a circle.

4. With centre B and radius equal to the length of the known side, draw an arc to cut the circle m C.

5. Repeat step 4 with centre D to cut at A. ABCD is the required rectangle.

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fig. 2/23




To construct a parallelogram given two sides and an angle (Fig. 2/24)

1. Draw AD equal to the length of one of the sides.

2. From A construct the known angle.

3. Mark off AB equal in length to the other known side.

4. With compass point at B draw an arc equal m radius to AD

5. With compass point at D draw an arc equal in radius to AB.

ABCD is the required parallelogram t j Fig. 2/24

To construct a rhombus given the diagonal and the length of the sides (Fig. 2/25)

1. Draw the diagonal AC.

2. From A and C draw intartecting arcs, equal in length to the sides, to meet at Band D ABCD is the required rhombus.

To construct e trspezlum given the lengths of the parallel aides, the perpendicular distance between them and one angle (Fig. 2/26)

1. Draw one of the parallels AB.

2. Construct the parallel line.

3. Construct the known angle from B to intersect the parallel line in C.

4. Mark off the known length CD. ABCD is the required trapezium.

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    How to construct a rectangle with a diagonal and the length of one side technical drawing?
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    How to draw a square given a diagonal length with a compass?
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