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8. A plan and elevation of the base of a candlestick are shown in Fig. 8. Draw (a) another elevetion when the base is viewed in the direction of the arrow and (b) an accurate isometric view of that half of the candlestick base indicated by the letters abed on the plan view. The edge ab is to be in the foreground of your drawing

Southern Universities' Joint Boerd (See Ch. 8 for information not in Ch. 3).

Isometric Drawing Letters

10. Fig 10 shows two views of a cylindrical rod with a circular hole. Make an isometric drawing of the rod in the direction of the arrows R and S. Hidden detail is not required.

Associeted Examining Boerd

9 Fig 9 shows the plan and elevation of an angle block. Make a full size isometric projection of the block, making the radiused corner the lowest pert of your drawing. Do not use an isometric scale. Hidden detail should be shown.

Oxford end Cambridge Schools Examinations Board

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