Using Cylinders for the Body Parts

It Is helpful to draw cylinders for the curved parts of the body such as the arms, hips and ankles. In the last section, we covered basic shapes. The next step is to think of smooth curved surfaces.

Take care when drawing cylinders because the curves change depending on the direction of the body. You don't have to start with curves when you are drawing something. But it enables you quickly figure out the physique of the character and draw it realistically from any angle. Look at the following explanatory drawings showing you how to draw the body from above and below.

The view from below

How Draw Eyes Realistically

Be aware of the eye line.

The further away, the smaller the object becomes.

Start by drawing the body in squares.

The view from above.

The larger the surface area of the circles (the cross-sections in black), the greater the angle of the views from above and below.

How Draw Eyes RealisticallyWasserfilter Selber Bauen Anleitung

Both the belt and the shoulder blades are parallel to the black cross-section. Always draw with an awareness of the cross-sections. If you don't, you end up with a superficial picture.

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