The Heroes

The Strong Soldier

He is about a head taller than the Hero. A thick shoulder-width chest.

The Chief of the Organization that helps the Hero/Heroine

In between the Strong Soldier and the Hero in size. Austere middle age. A moustache.

The Common Soldier

To make the Chief stand out, he is a neck smaller than him.

The Stocky Dwarf

Thick arms and legs. He is about a head shorter than the Hero. If he were any smaller than this, the screen composition would be difficult. Middle-aged.

The Hero

The standard type.

The Heroine

She is about a neck shorter than the Hero.

She is strong-minded and feminine.

Always draw her in a special

The Good Witch

The same height as the Hero.

A slender build.

Video Game Characters

The Heroes' Pet

Important to the story line. A medium-sized animal rather than a small one.

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