Sports stories

C is the Hero who plays Forward for the high school soccer team. In the match C has just got a goal and his team-mates are converging to congratulate him. Each character moves in response to the situation and. even though they are in one horizontal line, the layout effectively expresses movement.

Hero A is a sportsman with his rivals (B, C, D and E). The story is the battle that unfolds between them. In the layout, A is full-sized in the center surrounded by the sub-characters shot breast-upwards.

A story unfolds involving a threesome comprising of Hero A, Rival B and Heroine C. In the layout, the further the characters are the larger they become; A is full-size, B medium-size and C is shown breast-upwards.

A detective story- A is a dangerous cop with 20 years of experience in the force. He works with B who is in his tenth year on the force, the new guy C, Woman 0 who has five years of experience but is still young, and E who has had over 30 years experience. Seen from above, the layout of the five characters shot breast-upwards is triangular.

A fight story. Fighter A is a student who never loses a fight. The others are Heroine B who goes to the same school (actually a fighter). Kendo Team Captain C, D on the judo team, E on the karate team, and F on the Sumo team etc. It is a fight that unfolds on the school grounds involving the various different fighting techniques. It is a complicated composition with a star-shaped layout of the group of ten characters in a deep perspective.


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A pop group story. It is the story of a boy band of seven members. The Hero 0 is at center bottom. In the top half, there are large frames of the Hero's Younger Sister A, the Hero's Girlfriend B and his Manager C. The story unfolds around several incidents involving the 3 characters connected to the Hero. The screen is divided into two with separate close ups of each of the 3 characters in the top half.

Sports Characters Drawings

A saga. Hero/Heroine A has ambitions to unify the world and B is helping him/her. C is positioned to fight against the Enemy. Often the cast of leading characters is quite complicated (for example, even a character on the Enemy side can be loved by the audience and therefore should be classed a Hero/ine). The arrangement of characters make a triangular outline with A at the base.

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