Love Stories

classmate B after ten years. But A already has girlfriend C. A love triangle unfolds. A is standing in the center with close ups of the faces of B and C on either side.

A slapstick action story involving twin Heroes A and B in outer space. (But there is more to it than just laughs.) The layout shows the two Heroes sitting back to back and front-facing.

A love story. An omnibus love story involving three girls A. B and C. All three characters, shown breast-upwards, have their faces looking in different directions.

Once you can draw the main compositions featured in the book, you will want to draw your own characters from any angle. It would be a real shame when you get to the layout stage for your story and think "I'd like to do that, but I can't draw characters' faces looking in different directions..." and you end up giving up, wouldn't it? So use the drawings below to practice drawing the face from slightly different angles. Once you can do this, you are ready to create your own animation and game.

Drawing Faces Different Direcions
Lastly, here are pieces of work by students of animation and manga. Alongside the students' work there are professional critiques and the revised versions. These should help you see what kind of things to look out for when you are drawing your own characters.
Drawing Faces Different Angles

►The protective guard is dubious in design and does not look three-dimensional. Change the design and use shading to make it look three-dimensional.

» The weapon looks flimsy. The shape should be modified. Draw it with bold lines to make it appear hard and heavy.

► The hair and clothes don't look right. Sharpen the outline and draw some wrinkles in the clothes. » The pose is unbalanced. With the protective guard and weapon in his right hand, the weight looks to be too much to the right. Correct this and draw the character standing firm.

Protective Clothing Drawing

This person probably tried to draw the character in a standard pose but the results make him look unstable. Never start drawing without formulating your ideas properly. You must know what you want the character to do and what you want to communicate before you start. Draw the physique before the details.

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