"I want to have a go at drawing anime and game characters." "I want to draw manga." Or, "I want a job in Graphic Design." If you bought this book, you are probably thinking along these lines. "But I can't draw as well as so-and-so from my Art club, and I am no match for that guy who researches manga and has started his own coterie magazine." There are a lot of people out there who would like to give it a try but don't because they think it looks too difficult and don't know how to go about improving their drawing.

I wrote this book to help these kind of people. Those around you who are good at drawing were not born that way. You too could draw if you could just change your way at looking at things slightly. It is surprising how many people actually draw from memory (off the top of their head). Instead of concentrating on the difficulties involved in drawing the human body, start by taking a long look at how the professionals approach it.

The following is a list of special terms and abbreviations used in this book.



Gakuen Genre:




Shoujo manga: Takarazuka:

Young, pretty girl

Young, attarctive boy

Computer Graphics

School Life Genre

Original Video Anime

Role-playing Game

Simple Deformed (Exaggerated)

Young girl

Girl's comics

An all-women theatrical company in Japan

School Boy Anime Drawing

Qj Conguratulations! Mr. future anime , artist.

Hey, draw that character

Got it!

Recalling it exactly...

The author

1 An important thing to remember about drawing

Doing it from memory...

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