Fantasy and Magic

How Draw Manga Heads

Fencer A is thrusting forward his sword; Fighter B is thrusting his/her fist; and Sorcerer C is holding his magic wand above his head. This is a composition of lively poses with all the characters moving outwards from the center.

A child-witch story. Heroine A is living her lite as an elementary school student. She uses her magic powers to change into 20-year-old Person B. The layout shows a large shot of A breast-upwards with B full-sized in front.

A lively adventure unfolding with the duo Fencer A and Magician B. The layout shows the movement of the two leading characters. Note that the overall outline is star-shaped.

A ninja action story. The leading characters A, B and C fight using the skills of stealth and secrecy practiced by the ninja. They are joining forces to fight Enemy King Z. The layout showing Z looming menacingly over A, B and C evokes a feeling of oppression.

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