Characters Expressions by Type Head Simple Type BBoy

A girlish, delicate, quiet boy. Like the girl, he is introverted, uncommunicative and self-effacing. Draw him with a lonely expression on his face as if he is always worried about something. His delicate nature is evident in the sharply pointed features such as the cheeks, chin, eyes and nose. Draw his neck thin like the girl's. Out of all the characters featured in this book, it is probably most difficult to distinguish between boy and girl in Simple Type B.

Bboy Character

Drawing a

wrinkle-like line

on the brow

makes him

look worried.

/J /1


A rather down-

turned, closed sad-

looking mouth.


lengthways makes

the mouth protrude

slightly as if he is

about to say


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  • sebhat
    How to draw boys and girls eyes?
    7 years ago

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