Perspective In The Figure

No matter how much you know of anatomy and the cons true lion of the figure, you will not be abJe to draw figures from imagination until you can relate the different parts of the figure to a horizon or eye level. Sometimes it is helpful to think of the various forms as they would appear as blocks — square instead of round. Then round them out.

Perspective Drawing



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Perspective ajiii foot ieacL tjoiL koü) lo drauJ Ike figure, bul you cast never draw d tuiikoai perspective ! Perspective la Ike kiqure tneeztfj Ikal ail pas Is are related lo ax. e y & level.

One of the simplest and yet least observed rules of perspective is that all figures ori the same ground plane must be related in size. To be sure of the correct relation, establish the height of a

"key" figure and scale all others from that height To do this, draw a line from the feet of one figure under the feet of another to the horizon, Then carry a line back to the first figure-

Perspective Figure Drawing

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