Complex Forms In Light

Drawing Light And Shadow

Careful study of this page will reveal tlie fact that any type of surface form can be rendered by duplicating the effect of light and shadow as they occur across that form. Every material or surface has a characteristic effect at any given moment. Every effect is made up of light, halftone, and shadow. If we study the subject and can define those elements clearly and can then fit them properly within the contours, we will have re-created ihc form and also die effect of die material of which it is composed, in the drawings above, arrows indicate the direction of the light. Set up a number of subjects composed of a variety of materials and render the effects.

Drawing Fundamentals



Sketch Light Form And Space

Changing Light A subject like the one shown above cannot be drawn or painted convincingly without a study of the light on its planes. The camera can give only the intricate superficial effects. We must always search for the broader planes upon which this confusing detail lies. Since light changes so

Complex Planes rapidly, it is often practical to make a quick key drawing like the one at the top of the page, to record the main planes of light, halftone, and shadow. This gives a basis for building the solid effects later.

Halftones Lights Portrait

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Complex Forms

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Pictures Cylinder Forms

LiCfki Ott form s reftried ike baste i&rws ofspkere and cylinder

Drawing Hands Cylinder

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Drawing Fundamentals

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