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Scaling the ground plane for two-point perspec- scalc is practical when placed at the near corner tive requires the usual two vanishing points set of the first square. The horizon can be set at any wide apart. The horizontal scale is set on or be- height you choose, low the bottom line of the picture. The vertical two-point per/pecrivE

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7/te vertical rcaJe cast jbe projected ¿o Gjttf poitti OH, ¿ke ¿froicrtdplane qr&uxd¿udù. Uxiéf ofèoihfcshs Htusè be equal fo eacA other.

Curvilinear Perspective Grid

Ejfabù'sk /¿co Mteasuratypo/œû, o/te or. eacA s/de ofike rerhcalrca/e3 ere/tf/y spaced o# A/te Aortzox, Cmp). frôwpo/xlzéro eséwùA base ¿¿¿(es Aoho/A rœœtsA-¿fi&apotrtû, GttttecA Aortzortlalfcaletottlf éo r?œcAt kase/ltcef o/t hol/t s ¿des ¿c/ lé/tes poi/tfcfty al AlPs. JAtrMœrkf o/futalsiiï perspective oœbolA hure ¡/m Ex/e^dAAere ¿¿¿ah ta é>ol/t mnifAina potttls. /Mer youkave eslgbltshedso/tte squares, yole çax locate fke vœ/usAtti<7pottilollie dezgottalf on lAeAortzox, ftfore {¿¡uarej wt/l Ae mar/cedo/las Ute dtaqomls cross ¿¿HtA huef là ikeyaiufla/bppoinls.

George Fox College üorary Newberg, Oregon

The vertical and horizontal scales can be used to scale any plane. Once we have the unit lines running in one direction, the diagonal of any square in crossing these lines marks off the units running in the other direction, for width o depth as the case may be. All diagonals of sim ilar squares or units will have the same vanish ing point.

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How Draw Perspective With Measurement

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Here the previous problem has been elianged to two-point perspective. This amounts to a change of viewpoint. Instead of looting straight down the middle of the room, the observer has moved to a theoretical position to the right of the figures. Only two walls are now visible. The full length of the room cannot he shown.

Two Point Perspective Rooms

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