Sound Proof Room Section Drawing

Cavalier Perspect/ve

Ground Plan Isometry

Axonometrie Projection


8.1.1 Example of Isometric Projection (soundproof window)

Lateral Soundproofing

Position ol building walls relat ve to each other


Principle of sound attenuation m air duct

Section of a soundnroof ^window with ventilation ducts


Extract Air

Lateral soundproofing in vent ducts i

Soundproofing with various different working thick nesses and weights

Soundproofing m joint cavities

Freehand Room Drawings
Figure 8 3

We shall confine ourselves to a few basic comments regarding perspective insofar as it is useful for freehand drawing, i.e., the drawing of projects, buildings, and environments.

8.2.1 Construction of Frontal Perspective

8.2.2 Sight line and Picture Plane

The essential element of this type of drawing is that the sightline strikes an absolutely vertical wall at right angles. The picture plane (drawing block, paper, picture surface, etc.) lies exactly parallel to the wall. The picture plane of the perspective is always perpendicular to ground level.

8.3 Terms in Perspective

All horizontal lines of walls, floor, or grids come together at a vanishing point somewhere in the distance (railway-track effect). This vanishing point always lies on the horizon, a fact which will be realized with a little thoughtful observation.

8.3.1 Horizon

The sight horizon is taken to be all around us at eye level. All verticals (perpendicular lines) will also appear in the drawing as vertical.

Field Vision Urban Design

8.3 2 Field of Vision

Detail <s lost with increasing depth

Freehand Room Drawings

Drawn Proportions Scaled-Down Copy

Realistic Proportions (Ground Plan) Picture d a Distance

Figure 8.4

8.3 2 Field of Vision

It is well known that the normal field of vision of the human eye only reaches to about 15 degrees either side of the axis of vision. Within this viewing angle all objects are seen without distortion. In order to avoid undesirable distortions in our drawings, therefore, we must make sure that our illustrations are of things which lie within this field of vision, since anything that projects beyond it will look unreal and comical. To get as much into the field of vision as possible we should assume a standpoint in the extreme corner of an existing room, say, or in the case of a design, outside the future room.

Detail <s lost with increasing depth

Drawn Proportions Scaled-Down Copy

Realistic Proportions (Ground Plan) Picture d a Distance

Figure 8.4

Gaps between strokes'

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