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8.1.1 Example of Isometric Projection soundproof window Position ol building walls relat ve to each other Principle of sound attenuation m air duct Section of a soundnroof window with ventilation ducts Lateral soundproofing in vent ducts i Soundproofing with various different working thick nesses and weights We shall confine ourselves to a few basic comments regarding perspective insofar as it is useful for freehand drawing, i.e., the drawing of projects, buildings, and environments. 8.2.1...

Perspective Drawing Of Staircase

Drawing Perspective Landscapes Roads

Drawing the first vanishing lines 1 A I The next step is to indicate the vanishing lines to the main point. Once all vanishing lines have been inserted it will be possible to outline the entire canopy on the strength of these new reference points and the estimated length and height of the canopy, which vanishes to the main point. We now draw in the spatial dimension, the step and grid for scraping off muddy shoes We should stress here that the utmost care and attention should be devoted to...

Example Of Drawing Line

Freehand Sketching Lines

Soon achieve the same technique as I and everyone else who has made the effort before you. Here is your exercise space . This example will test your sureness of eye and ability to maintain a given line direction The object is to draw lines from any direction in toward the given point. Triangles can be interlinked as well Random interlinking of rectangles. You will soon grasp the principle. Draw something similar

Freehand Drawing Exercises

Freehand Exercises Lines And Circles

D gt gt t gt t gt OM gt M gt t gt t gt t gt l gt an It looks so easy, doesn't it But just try to repeat the various figures carefully and very evenly on your exercise space J j o o tnr o r i o i i o 7 o e j o c i o c n o t The following repeat exercises show that your eye is already capable of anticipating and visualizing the correct lines in advance. With each exercise you will become aware of the countless possible variations Your free choice of these possibilities will now rapidly grow and...