With a round face or a child with a slightly Jr longer face and pointy chin

How Draw Cartoon Girl Step Step

A grown woman with around face

1. Keep the eyes small.

2. Maintain distance between eyes and mouth. ,

Answer 2.)

A child with agrown-up face

For a somewhat baby-faced look, make the eyes larger.

Round faces tend to look too large, so it helps to reduce the amount of hair

1. Draw large eyes.

2. Tighten the distance between eyes and mouth.

3. Minimize the nose.

4. Make the head larger by giving more volume to the hair

A Grown Woman with a Round Face

In order to make a woman with a round face, large eyes, and big hair look more grown-up:

1. Give her a long neck, and draw in the collarbone. |

2. Draw her figure to adult proportions, i

3. Broaden the shoulders and use other means to make the head look smaller.

Smaller eyes always make the face look more grown-up. It also helps to draw large ears and make the neck short and thick.

Female Face Proportions For Drawing

Chapter 2

Drawing the Female Figure The Parts of the Bnriv

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