Girl in Middy Uniform

Drawn by Masaru Kaku y Line drawing

Adding some black accents when drawing the pleats brings e feeling of dynamic dimension to a skirt that would otherwise appear flat and dull.

Narrow Shoulders for a Youthful Effect

♦ Narrow shoulders and a trim figure offer the image of a cute young teenager. Since narrow shoulders make the head look larger, it typically leads to a childish look. But give her some curves and long, shapely legs, and she becomes a vivacious teenager.

♦ A waist narrower than her shoulders and the lines that show her breasts swelling against her blouse let us see her shapely figure even through her clothes. Also, the lines of her thighs suggest the well-rounded buttocks from which they grow.

Manga Characters Female

Drawn by Jun Matsubara

Draw Average Female

Rough sketch

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