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Fashion Drawing Figure Templates Ebook

What you get is a beautiful fashion ebook full of female template outline guides which you can use to create your own fashion drawings for women. If you want to draw fashion models, I have a variety of female poses. Each pose is repeated 5 times from small to large giving a range of sizes that fit under A4 paper. On the other hand, if you want to design fashion clothes, there are plenty of picture examples of design briefs arranged in storyboards. The variety of fashion design briefs will inspire you to get started. If you are unsure what to draw for your fashion designs, then I will show you how to begin. Download the ebook and print out the pages or read the pages offline in your browser. Contents Fashion Drawing Figure Templates. Drawing Fashion Hints, Tips and Basic Templates. Model Outlines Elegant Templates. Model Outlines Strident Templates. Model Outlines Sexy Templates. Model Outlines Confident Templates. Model Outlines Back and Side Templates. Fashion Gallery of My Storyboards. Fashion Samples of Ma Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Banish Perfectionism

Lines Skin Surface Hand

V Solvers just presented, here's one more Problem Being too critical, expecting perfection. Solution Every time you worry about whether you have talent, whether you're good enough, banish those thoughts and just keep drawing I decided to just let go and surrender to what came out. I found that when I did let go and just draw, I became so absorbed in the work that I wasn't thinking about anything else. It was like a meditative state. I had found a place where I...

Driss in Green

Fairies And Their Meanings

Elves are dignified fairies, and are garhed in stately style. Ihe women wear shimmering white, full-length gowns with wide sleeves, and the males dress in green tunics and leggings to enable them to hide in the forest. I hey carry how and arrows tipped with flint to defend their lands against human invasion. At certain time of the yvar, such as .May Day and Halloween, elves will ride out in a procession called the Fairy Rade ride , mounted on white horses hung with silver hells, and with...


Female Figure Drawing Model Poses

Again the author gives his own interpretations this time of ideal types preferred by artists of different periods. The first is an Egyptian head of about 1350 B.C. Here is a dangerous and controversial subject, especially Jeminine Beauty. Nevertheless, it should be considered. It is not enough to go on drawing the model blindly and aimlessly, though it is true that the constant practice of figure drawing is necessary to an artist. The mere copying of a model is, however, not the end of your...

Figure Drawing Without A Model

Bone Shape Activity Skeleton

In this chapter we shall look at a number of drawing exercises devised to help you towards your goal of good imaginative figure drawing from memory. They are aimed at consolidating the information so far presented and building on the familiarity you have gained with the human figure through your frequent use of your sketchbook. Each exercise contributes in a significant way to the development of the drawing skills you will need, and in the process will help you avoid the commoner pitfalls and...

Deer Head Drawings

Drawing The Human Head

We've already covered the basics of constructing a head in chapters 1 and 3. Here we'll take it a step further. So far, eyes have been treated as flat things stuck on a sphere. While this works for some styles, it helps a lot to realize eyes are spheres themselves. The eye sockets are set deeper into the head. Figure 4.1. Sinking and raising features Figure 4.1. Sinking and raising features There are many features that are set deeper, or are raised higher for example the the brow ridge or the...

Section The Muscles

Cylinder Drawing

Muscles are like rubber bands they can pull but they cannot push. Therefore there must be two sets of muscles for every motion one set to pull out and another to pull back. The two sets are placed more or less opposite to each other and while one pulls the other is relaxed. Likewise, in twisting, there is one set of muscles to twist to the right and another set to twist to the left. The muscles are attached to the bones and operate on the bones, pulling them back and...

Drawing the Human Figure

How Draw Military Guns

There is no greater pleasure or challenge in the world of art than to draw the human figure. In this chapter, you will be introduced to various approaches to drawing this very special subject. Set Up the Model Light the Light Reveals the Copy Works of Art in Find Your Guidelines . ' 236 Examples of Foreshortening 240 Find the Gesture of the Pose Quick Sketches 244 Add a Color to Your Paper 248 Gallery . Human Figure Drawing the human figure is an excellent way to improve and expand on your...

Anatomy as Shape

Human Body Anatomy Draw

Forceful shapes can get more specific. I want to discuss some powerful theories about the anatomy of the body that pertain to force and rhythm as seen by forceful shape. The body, as I said earlier, is built to move. Its musculature is set up in traverse angles from one area in the figure to another. These relationships allow it to perform. If you work out or you are a physical therapist, you know exactly what I am talking about. The biceps are opposite in f unction to the triceps. The biceps...

Brief History

Bistre Medium Art

The history of drawing may be as old as the human race itself. Cave paintings have been discovered dating back as far as 10,000 years bc, so it seems that man has always been interested in making images. However it was during the Italian Renaissance that artists developed profound drawing skills and the art of drawing underpinned all other artistic disciplines. One reason why drawing was at such a high standard during this period was that it related directly to the great profession of painting...

The Villains

Anime Boy Sitting Cross Legged

His shoulders are narrower than the Strong Soldier s on the Goodies' side. A domineering pose irrespective of the genre type. A little taller than the Hero. Huge hands and feet to emphasize his strength. The Enemy Adviser The Sorcerer Character 1 The Enemy Adviser The Bad Witch Character 2 The same size as the equivalent on the witch on the Goodies' side but she strikes a feminine pose. Half a head taller than the Hero but smaller than the Enemy Chief. An attractive character Half a head taller...

Sketch Of Pencil And Eraser

Sandpaper Pad For Pencil

If you want to draw a thin line, you will need a sharp point on the tip of your pencil. You can sharpen your pencils in two ways with a pencil sharpener or by hand, using a craft knife and a sandpaper pad. Pencil Sharpeners Are the Simplest Way to Keep Pencils Sharp A pencil sharpener is the quickest and easiest way to keep the tips of your pencils sharp. Pencil Sharpeners Are the Simplest Way to Keep Pencils Sharp A pencil sharpener is the quickest and easiest way to keep the tips of your...

Trueto Life vs Manga

Drawing Neck Shoulders Female

What to Exaggerate and What to Simplify When using a photograph or other model for your drawing, exaggerate or simplify various aspects of the model to create a figure that suits your own taste. Keep the knees simple. A single arc is all it takes to create cute knees. Tip 3 The legs In general, the thigh and the shin are roughly equal in length, but drawing the shin slightly longer makes 2 2 a more attractive leg Tip 3 The legs In general, the thigh and the shin are roughly equal in length, but...

Female Skoeton Rear View

Rear View Human Skeleton

The normal human skeleton consists of 206 bones, providing a mobile supporting framework for the body and a protective carapace for the vital organs. There are also the sesamoid bones, which are formed in tendons and do not directly connect with the others. These are not counted in the total of 206, and are not germane to our discussion here. The bones are bound to one another by tough, flexible ligaments. At the joints, each articulating bone surface is covered by a thin layer of cartilage,...

How To Draw Star Wars Characters

How Draw Star Wars

Draw two curved lines that will help you see where Asajj's eyes, mouth, and nose will go. Once the lines are in place you'll see that one goes from her forehead to her chin, and the other goes from one ear to the other. Draw a U-shaped line below her neck to represent the collar of her outfit. Next, sketch in her jaw line. Generally you want female characters to have smaller, more delicate jaw lines, and male characters to have wider, stronger jaw lines. So for Asajj, make sure her cheek area...

The Human Figure

Elementary Drawing Human Figure

If the interest of the student has been excited- and his attention bestowed upon what has been already said, and so earnestly urged upon him, and he has mastered the examples of the head, hand, and foot, already given, he will experience but little difficulty in drawing any form or figure that he may attempt. When it is said that he possesses the capacity to draw a figure, it should not be understood, thereby, that he is capable of that careful elaboration, or minute...

Small Children

Head For Children Drawing

Let us understand that no branch of art can be reduced completely to a formula without endangering the very art that must go into it. We do, of course, seek ways and means to an end, and that end is correctness. Art, however, is not the justification of correctness. Art is not always perfection. Ixit us say that art is truly a form of expression, and full expression cannot be limited by formula, but only guided toward greater meaning and truth. African sculpture has expression and becausc of...

Characters Expressions by Type Head Real Type Shoujo Manga Genre Girl

Ujo Manga Face Proportions

Most important is the purity ot her image because she is not ot this world. Whatever is said, she is an unemotional and strong-willed girl. It seems as if she is always staring tar into the distance. She is gentle and speaks little. Draw her carefree as if she is floating above this world untouched by mundane things. You must draw everything In fine detail. You very rarely view her from below. But practice drawing her because she features in momentous scenes of grace and resolve. When she faces...

Draw Animal Limbs

Dog Shoulder Limb

These three examples show you how the three main categories of mammals' hands work relative to ours. Humans are plantigrades. We plant our whole foot down on the ground. Digigrade animals walk on the ball of their feet and hands. In the unguligrade example, the joint above the hoof is like our knuckles. These animals walk on the tips of their toes. The foot hos the same changes in it as the hand does amongst the three examples. Look at the change in the hoofed animal versus the humans and dogs....

Boys Over Flowers Anime

Mischievous Anime Expression

In nos. 1-6, new information is added to the box. Similar to the revised drawings featured on the previous pages, the amount of information contained in the drawings done at the level of an absolute beginner is different to that in advanced work. This is illustrated by the difference between nos. 1 and 8. The observer the person who set the task of drawing the boxes would be expecting only to see what was asked for, that is, a square box. Nos. 6 to 8 exceed these expectations. You cannot say...

Sketching The Figure In Action From Imagination

Drawing Figures Action

And setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks and setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks DRAW SOME OF THESE, BUT DRAW MANY OF YOUR OWN keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. a s mpl way of Getting female proport ons-take to knees- to waist, to topof head. 3 fiy X TOP OP HI6A0 THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN rHE MALE AND FEMALE...


Anime Movement Drawings

I have students in my classes draw on 18 X 24 smooth newsprint. Strathmore and Aquabee both make excellent paper. Students draw with black china marker. I don't want drawing class to be about fancy mediums. Everyone uses the same supplies. So, what is it that creates life Energy Energy with purpose, or force, is what we want to recognize in the world around us. I am going to lead you on a force full journey that will change the way you perceive the world you live in. This new perception will...

Ischial Tuberosity

Drawing Realistic Female Feet

The column of the thigh and leg diminishes in thickness as it descends to the foot. From any view it also has a reverse curve that extends its entire length. On either side a descending wedge overlaps the rounded form of the thighs and this again overlaps the square form above and below the knee joint, which is also square. The leg at the calf is triangular at the ankle it is square. Gastrocnemius From tuberosities of femur to tendon of Achilles. Action Extends foot, raises body in walking....

How To Draw Manga Hand

How Draw Open Hand Step Step

The fingers taper toward the ends, but widen out at the joints. The finger bones extend beyond the knuckles into the back of the hand. Looking at the shapes in between the fingers helps you to get the fingers right The thumb is attached at a large joint positioned close to the wrist. Here's where you really have to get to know your skeleton, because the shape of hands is dictated almost entirely by their bones. Muscle groups rarely have any definition because, although maximum dexterity is a...

How To Sketch Beautiful Borders

Manga Style Frames

The basic frame allotment is decided based on the ease of visibility however, what makes something easy to view varies from person to person and is determined by one's tastes. For beginners, it is a good idea to use consistent spacing between frames. Let's try drawing using a 5mm height and 2mm width pattern. Frame allotment and style will change depending on what the author wants to express. There are a lot of exceptions to the rules and frame variations in shoujo young girls' manga, where...

The Action Line

Action Line

Now let's take this example even further and push the dynamics a little. Take a look at Figure 8.5 and notice how making the action extreme increases the feeling of drama and power. If you remember from Chapter 5, a pose that has a strong action line is more dynamic than one that doesn't. Figure 8.6 shows the action lines superimposed over the figure pose. Even the lines seem dynamic. All good dynamic poses start with a good dynamic action line. The action line is the unifying element that ties...

The road of rhythm

Art Principles Directional Forces

A rhythm is the beautiful interplay of different energies in the body that helps it stay in balance, or creates equilibrium. Rhythm exists in all living things. Your understanding of rhythm will help you create living drawings. Gravity is the reason we have rhythmic balance in our bodies. Our anatomy is not linear but asymmetrical in its musculature. This allows us motion against the force of gravity and equalization when standing still. Understanding this will help you draw a living, grounded,...

The Comprehension of Gesture

Art Nude Poses Draw For Study Lessons

The study of gesture is not simply a matter of looking at the movement that the model makes. You must also seek to understand the impulse that exists inside the model and causes the pose which you see. The drawing starts with the impulse, not the position. The thing that makes you draw is the thing that makes the model take the position. To make clear what I mean, I will describe a model posing. He is standing with his right foot on the ground, his left foot resting...

Four point perspective

Point Perspective Anime

So here it is, four-point perspective in all its glory. It reminds me of looking out o window in New York City. If you were at the height of obout the thirteenth f loor and the buildings around you were thirty f loors, this is what you would see. We have squeezed depth on both the vertical and horizontal planes with each having two points of convergence. This is the world of perspective we live in. The closer something gets to your eye, the more of a fisheye lens effect you will see. The center...

Drawing Male Legs

Leg Action Legs

This area of the body helps to underline the sexuality of the character, so females need a flaring pelvic girdle and rounded hips leading to long, lithe legs, whereas males require bulging legs rippling with corded muscle. The ribs curve slightly down from either side of the spine, and the muscles essentially follow this downward swoop, especially in the lower back, The outside of the foot curves smoothly toward the little toe, This contrasts with the instep, which is between the slim heel and...

Drawing the Legs With an Understanding of Their Bone Structure

How Draw Female Thighs

If you extend the thigh directly off of the buttocks, it will tend to be quite fat. When you want to draw a less beefy thigh, draw the thigh first in the desired proportion and then adjust the buttocks as necessary for a natural fit. A Side View Of the Lea at the Hip gt The thickness of the thigh where it attaches y to the pelvis determines the shape of the buttocks

The Buttocks Crotch and Legs

Face Floor Manga

When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. On a hard floor, there will be a gap between the waist and the floor.

How To Draw Heads

Draw Heads

IT IS SUCICeSTEp THAT YOU PKAW YOUR OWN pEET IN MANY PTOSES , SETTING A MIRROR. ON THE. FLOOR. Ai-SO.THACT YOU SET UP SHOES AN 7 pfcAw THEM FROM MANY ANGLES ANF VIEWPOINTS. A typical problem outlined by an art buyer We always need artists who can draw heads well. Good drawings of heads are required in almost all advertising, for illustrations on magazine covers, and litho displays. An acceptable head must be in good drawing, to be sure, but that's only the beginning of its job. If it's a pretty...

Pencil Drawings

Mea8urc by holding pcnol always at arm s lfc.ngrm iemcmbejl this plan gives the actual live proportions. make any adjustments you wish a3 you co alonq. usually add a little in length. cot two ftloht angles from some stiff cardboard, mafcic off in inches an0 cup together. .tws cam adjusmcmtgives proportionate width tohelcht. iemcmbejl this plan gives the actual live proportions. make any adjustments you wish a3 you co alonq. usually add a little in length.

PLATE Childrens hands

Baby Hands Drawing

The child's hand is halfway between that of the baby and that of the teen-ager. This means that the thumb muscle and the heel of the hand are thicker proportionately than they arc in the adult hand, but not as thick in relation to the fingers as they are in the baby hand. The fingers in relation to the palm are about the same as in the adult. The whole hand is smaller, a little fatter, and more dimpled, and the knuckles are of course smoother.

Correction Fluid Text For Illustrations

Female Hand Sketch

1 Correction fluid comes in a small plastic bottle and the applicator which is like a small brush is attached to the top of the bottle. To use the fluid dip the brush into the bottle and then apply to the appropriate area. One usually uses this type of application to cover larger areas. 2 Correction pens are made of the same fluid but the applicator is in the fashion of a ballpoint pen. Therefore it is more suitable for correcting fine work, and can also be used to draw with, making a white...

Beauty with Bouquet

Sketching Sexy Anime

Curled hair is a hallmark of girls comics shojo manga . Here, a dozen or so lines twist together to form each tress, and you can see how the delicately curving lines and the varying widths of white space between them combine to give the curls a remarkable feeling of volume. Preserve Your Original Conception through Attention to Detail Start by blocking out the overall image, and then work up a complete rough sketch. If you go ahead and rough in the flowers and other accessories at this stage,...

Perspective Drawing Still Life

Temporarily attach masking tape to the front side to help line up the pages. Attach cellophane tape firmly along the back side. Kento paper, high-quality paper and manga paper are durable enough to handle a little erasing. Most outlines are drawn in pencil, which is easy to erase. If used too often or too heavily, though, erasers can damage paper When the drawing is finished in ink, it is these damaged areas that cause the ink to run. Keep the page dry. Rest your hands atop a piece of clean...

Standing Pose

Self-conscious girl has the feeling that she never knows what to do with her hands. The unimaginative artist, too, does not know what to do with the hands of his figures. But the girl can put her hands on her hips, finger her beads, fix her hair, pull out her vanity case, apply lipstick, smoke a cigarette. Hands can be most expressive. If you show legs, let them be interesting even in the standing pose. Drop one knee. Raise a heel. Do anything except keep them glued to the floor side by side....

Decide On A Style

Tree Contour Drawing

Deciding on a style of execution of your drawing will depend on how far you intend to carry the extent of finish of the drawing, and what you are interpreting. Do you intend to make a complete picture touching all four sides Do you want to do an outline or contour drawing of a rock or leaf Or do you wish to create a designed drawing to fit a specific shape like a vignette The drawings on this and the following two pages show two different styles of execution a contour drawing and a vignette. A...

Greek Torso Sculpture

Kneaded Eraser Sculpture

While Dean was in art school, he was fortunate to have several plaster casts to work from. Eventually, he could draw two of them from memory because he had drawn them dozens of times. Both were anatomical casts made by nineteenth-century sculptors One was of the planes of the human head, and the other was a life-sized sculpture depicting the musculature of the human body. The drawings on pages 170-173 are the result of a day that the authors spent in the Antique Sculpture rooms at the...

Building Your First Drawing

Beautiful Siding Pencil Drawings

The subject of this demonstration is relatively simple, but it does include different kinds of textures wood, stone, shingle, trees, and grass. These surfaces were all rendered in a different manner. In the first drawing the artist made the values exactly as he saw them. There are light trees in the background, and dark dirt and grass in the foreground. A strong light from the right strikes the front of the barn. This isn't good, since the dark side of the barn and the foreground all run...

PLATE Bone and muscle are less apparent in womens heads

Heads Drawing

The underlying anatomy of a girls head is shown at the top of the page. In drawing a fairly young woman, we let very little of the anatomy show on the surface, though we must know what is underneath to make the surface convincing. At the bottom of the page a male and a female head are shown for direct comparison. Note the heavier bone and muscle construction and the more obvious planes in the male head. PLATE 43. Charm lies in he basic drawing

How To Draw Portrait With Proportions

Sketching Portrait Lip

Above the horizontal guideline that represents the dividing line between the lips, the artist draws the upper lip with just a few crisp lines, plus a single line for the curve leading upward to the base of the nose, In the same way, he draws the lower lip with a few angular lines and then carefully draws the shape of the chin with curving strokes. Notice the slanted line that touches the lips of the upper and lower lips at the right- This is an important guideline because it indicates...

Shading a figure basic

How Draw Basic Human Figures

The things you learned in the section called Geometric shapes will come in handy here. Since the basic geometric shapes are easier to shade than a detailed body, we're going to break down a figure into simple forms first. Here's the girl we're going to shade, I'm sure you remember her We break her down into simple shapes, and pick a direction for our light source. The first step is to shade according to the surface angle Then we add the cast shadows TODO illustrations This gives us a general...

The Shape of the Breasts When Lying Face Up

Human Anatomy Breast

A little to the outside. by drawing the nipples farther apart, the more unattractively they flatten out when lying in this position. a little to the outside. by drawing the nipples farther apart, the more unattractively they flatten out when lying in this position. Effects You Can Achieve With the Breasts Both the angle and the pose emphasize the breasts. Special attention to the curves brings out the softness and fullness of the breasts Both the angle and the pose emphasize the breasts....

Characteristics of the Female Figure

Gap Between The Thighs

Crotch There is always a space between the thighs at the crotch even when standing with knees together. Hips From the front, the widest part of the hips are determined by the bones. preferences among breasts are as varied as their owners. See page 22. Ribs A lightly-drawn rib line gives the stomach and torso a trim look but be careful if the line is too heavy, it creates a gaunt look . The female figure is defined most prominently by the bust, the waist, and the hips. ' Crotch There is always a...

Sitting Figure

In this chapter we are concerned with qualities other than motion. Almost the whole gamut of feeling can be expressed in a seated figure. It can suggest alertness or composure, fatigue, dejection, aggressiveness, timidity, aloofness, uneasiness, boredom. Each would be expressed differently. Sit down or have someone do so, and see how you would dramatize each of these. It is of paramount importance, at this point, to understand the shifting of the weight from the feet to the buttocks, thighs,...

Infancy To One Year

Reaching Hand Drawing

The general character of the baby's hand docs not change substantially during the first year. The fomis arc still squat, square, and fleshy, with little strong delineation between forms. Both dorsal and palmar sides of the hand are palpable and chubby, with dainty shell-like fingernails. Yet the hands of a one-year-old child have begun to move with more certainty probing, seeking, feeling. The hand is the first form to project into and explore an unfamiliar world. The wo-year-old child is not...

Snapshots Of Walking Poses

ARMi MOVt OffOflTH TO W CJ PACK K OT P0 5 MOT LRAva lt 3tooN cm-viw. FWOH-T K gt OT I rUNTW, ARM5 P amp SS HI ATJ-Af l Tl e Mir 15 CKItViNC WtlOHT KNtd pvor oh l 0 o cjfwyn vct gt on is 5tsrurrk tp AT or 5TWPt AU WAV3 T r L N Of 41-ANCi MAKt T gt 40 HAIk5 O THB B AJ Afov . .

Anatomy Of The Hand

Anatomy Hand Cartoon

Many beginning artists try to copy the dramatic hand poses of the pros without first taking a look at the basic construction of the hand. Don't make the mistake of guessing on this important anatomical feature. I can evaluate the caliber of an artist by his or her ability to draw hands and so can everyone else. Each finger has three distinct joints that are marked with creases on both sides of the hand. Even on men's hands, the fingers taper at the ends. Look at the skeletal diagram of the hand...

Brave Little Tailor

Brave Tailor Roller Coaster

Carry Tcaiktr onnfidsideof Mickey's hat. Note turn oil brini He really was a funny little guy, but it was not that he was trying to be funny. It was just that his proportions were cute, like his drawings, and it kind of tickled you to watch him move around imitating someone like Fred Astaire or Chaplin, or trying some fancy juggling act. Even if the stuff dropped on the floor, Fred would always end up in a good pose -just like his drawings. He could not seem to do anything awkward. The thing...

The First Expression The Babys

The mentalis is a companion to most of the faces of grief. When someone cries, the mentalis frequently acts with the mouth-stretcher, risorius platysma. The chin-raising muscle alternately contracts and relaxes, bowing up the center of the lower lip and wrinkling the chin when it contracts top . On either side of the raised part, the stretched lower lip goes back to being straight. The contraction of the mentalis seems to appear almost every time we're sad, whether we're crying or not. Fifteen...

Underwear Fashion Drawing

Mannequin Base Design

In the center use tone etching plus white. 2. Draw with pen. Do not use a ruler. 102 npsinninn Hrininal RnhntQ Think about the boc y Parts as y u draw-You can create an ucaiyiiiny unymdi nuuuia 0 igina robot jf you desj egch individua part and combine Flying Robots Swap flying devices with the head to emphasize the primary function of the robot. Use basic parts for the chest and arms. Use basic parts for the chest and arms. When designing robots that can fly, first consider the basic shape...

Using a Manikin for the Study of Anatomy

Female Figure Drawing Poses

The best way to study anatomy is to set up a book of anatomical diagrams before you, and set up an art-Store manikin alongside it. Draw tlie action from the manikin and the muscles from the book. You can also make rough sketches of the manikin itself for general bulk and action only, Just copying anatomical diagrams does not seem very helpful to most students. The muscles must somehow be built upon a frame or figure in order to get their proportion and relationship to the figure as a whole. The...

The Posision of the Breasts

Joshua Nava Naked Female Figure

The impression created varies greatly by how the breasts are positioned. Breasts that are predominant among Westerners The impression created varies greatly by how the breasts are positioned. Breasts that are predominant among Westerners Breasts that are predominant among Asians Breasts that are predominant among Asians Scraping away some of the screentones enhances the appearance of skin. Apply shading with screentones to create a feeling of solidity When the figure is dressed, you can create...

With a round face or a child with a slightly Jr longer face and pointy chin

Female Face Proportions For Drawing

Maintain distance between eyes and mouth. , For a somewhat baby-faced look, make the eyes larger. Round faces tend to look too large, so it helps to reduce the amount of hair 2. Tighten the distance between eyes and mouth. 4. Make the head larger by giving more volume to the hair In order to make a woman with a round face, large eyes, and big hair look more grown-up 1. Give her a long neck, and draw in the collarbone. 2. Draw her figure to adult proportions, i 3. Broaden the shoulders and...

T Standing on Knees

Manga Position

The secret to drawing the lower abdomen and crotch lies in how you capture the gentle slope oi the abdomen in the curved lines of the underpants. Front view from a slightly elevated angle The secret to drawing the lower abdomen and crotch lies in how you capture the gentle slope oi the abdomen in the curved lines of the underpants. Front view from a slightly elevated angle Side view The crotch does not touch the floor. When the legs turn outward, the buttocks are pulled apart and the crevice...

Differences In Figure According to

Head Female Manga

Finger length represents one of the most prominent differences between the figures of adult and child. Also, for adolescent girls you can create a youthful appearance by drawing the body of an adult, but with more rounded lines overall. Limbs. Even when long, not fully extended Wrists amp ankles relatively thick Limbs. Even when long, not fully extended Wrists amp ankles relatively thick Draw the head small make wrists and ankles slim. Draw the pelvis relatively thin keep arms and legs...

Here We Go

Learn Draw Caricatures

The proportions of your little figures may be varied in any sort of way. Below we show a variety of comic exaggerations. We shall start at once to put them into action. There will always be movement of the parts. Draw this page carefully and become thoroughly familiar with the movement of each part. Take any jointed doll if possible, one jointed at the waist. This fellow was a plain wooden art-store man-nikin. In order to make him exist for you as something more than wooden chunks, I dolled him...

Define Realistic Drawing

Draw Shapes Below Horizon Line

To draw realistically, you must first learn to see realistically. Be aware of what is really there. What you see when you look is visual reality. Being real, everything has three dimensions height, width, and depth. Visual reality is anything which exists that you see. Examples are trees, rocks, clouds, air effects, and light. Your mind becomes so accustomed to daily surroundings that you overlook what is actually there. When you draw these subjects, you suddenly realize you are not sure of...

Drawing Nature

Pencil Sketches Barns

With enthusiasm and skill, artist Stanley Maltzman shows you how to turn nature's inspiration into pencil and charcoal drawings that have the expressiveness and power of paintings. You'll learn how to choose your subject wisely, plan your drawing's format and style to express your feelings, and improvise to capture the mood of the moment. You'll find out how to build depth and focus, and how to use specific techniques such as circular shading, angular buildup, cross-hatching and blending....

The Relation Between Pelvis and Legs

Curvaceous Anime

Interesting Characteristics of the Thighs Interesting Characteristics of the Thighs Even for legs that look skinny from the front, the thighs will look fat when viewed in different poses or from different angles. Slender but pretty legs, with smooth curves. Legs that are quite shapely in spite of thick-set thighs. Drawing the calf with heavy lines creates a muscular look. Slender but pretty legs, with smooth curves. Legs that are quite shapely in spite of thick-set thighs. Drawing the calf with...

The Buttocks

Anime Drawing Crotch

The key to attractive buttocks is in how you draw the crevice. Think of it as an extension of the spine. There is an opening betweet the thighs at the crotch. Viewed from head on, the crevice of the buttocks is virtually a straight line. The key to attractive buttocks is in how you draw the crevice. Think of it as an extension of the spine. There is an opening betweet the thighs at the crotch. Viewed from head on, the crevice of the buttocks is virtually a straight line. Not sagging, but...

PLATE Block forms of the hand

Dessin Manga Pour Apprendre

The bones and tendons across the back of the hand are close to tlie surface those around the palm and inside of the fingers arc thoroughly padded. I have blocked out these pads so you can familiarize yourself with them. Note the extra thickness of the pads of the thumb muscle and the heel of the palm. At the base of each finger there is a pad. These combine to make a pad across the top of the palm. The pads of the fingers protect the bones inside. Since these pads are all pliable, they provide...

Envision a Triangle

Female Characters

The Three Basic Rules for Drawing the Female Figure The female figure is soft and supple. In order to express this quality, use rounded lines as much as possible. The female figure characteristically has a larger pelvis than the male figure. The hips should be drawn wide. When blocking out your drawing, it's helpful to think of a triangle whose base is the width of the pelvis and whose apex is the top of the head. When drawing a woman with broad shoulders A woman with wide shoulders becomes...

Coloring the Hair

Draw Manga Hair

Black with white highlights Layered screentones Black with white highlights Layered screentones What are the secrets to drawing faces in profile Based strictly on bone structure, it is strange for the eyes to be set too far back from the nose, but in drawings, such a style may still be perfectly acceptable. There are many different ways in which the eyes, nose, and mouth can be distorted or exaggerated to good effect, so you can develop your own style without being too worried about actual bone...

PLATE Proportions of the little girls head

Little Girl Head Drawing

The proportions of the head are practically the same in little girls as in little boys. Little girls are characteristically wider at the eyes and the jaw and chin are rounder. Very often the crease of the upper lid hardly shows over the eye. All the lines of contour are usually rounder in girls. Knowing this helps you make a little face more feminine blocky or squarish forms give a little boy a more rugged look. In little girls the forehead tends to be higher at an earlier age than in boys....


Colored Pencil Nature Drawing

Nature gives us a wonderful array of things to draw. Skies, water, sunsets and flowers simply look out your window for unending inspiration Suede board is a wonderful drawing surface for nature scenes and flowers. It creates a pastel-like quality to the subject and makes sky tones and flower petals appear soft and smooth. Even though suede board is soft, it is still possible to use firm pressure to create distinct edges and overlaps, which are important when drawing natural subjects. Light gray...

Clothing Male

H ere you h a e a typ ical male cha racte r, he is wearin g a I ong c oat. Lon g co at is relati vety easy todravvforany anirre character because it vull co ermostof the character. It's very e asy to dr aw a nd it dees n't h ave m uch fold s. Concentrate on the face especially the hair. No need to worry about the body because the long coat will cover it.

PLATE Establish the construction of cach head

Drawing Disney Style

It is almost impossible to draw a beautiful woman unless the construction and placement of features are accurate. Keep the nostrils small and watch carefully the placement of the jaw and ears. The eyes and mouth must be in perfect placement and drawing to avoid some very strange and unpleasant results. Just now the brows are left fairly thick. A few years back they were just a thin line. Personally, I like natural-looking brows, but brows and lips, since they arc so often made up. follow the...

Striking with the Palm of the Hand

Drawing Hand Facing Palm

The pros draw the wrist twisting over like this. The pros draw the wrist twisting over like this. Draw a slightly low-angle facing the chin upward Draw a slightly low-angle facing the chin upward 1 Right before impact - The line of sight looks towards the hand. 3 While being hit -To make it look like a slap, don't raise the shoulder of the attacked-character. 2 Moment of impact - One of the eyes gets pressed closed. You can draw both eyes closed too. 3 While being hit -To make it look like a...

Differentiating Body Types

Manga Girl Body Type

If you understand how the differences in bone structure and body type affect their proportions, you'll be able to draw a wide variety of female figures. The shoulders, arms, and legs are all somewhat fleshy even when the legs and arms are long, they have a fullness to them The sides of the chest and hips form a shapely curve. The shoulders, arms, and legs are all somewhat fleshy even when the legs and arms are long, they have a fullness to them The sides of the chest and hips form a shapely...

Foreshortening and Perspective

Nude Drawing Extreme Foreshortening

THE drawing opposite by Jean-Baptiste Greuze is a good example of fore-shortening and on page 43 I have posed a model somewhat similarly, but in about as difficult a pose as you could imagine. Almost every part of her is foreshortened or distorted in some way. This is done to show you one of those occasions when your brain and your eye have a head-on clash. Your mind, with its knowledge of what happens when the model stands up and the foreshortening disappears, confuses your eye, which is only...

PLATE The female hand

Draw Female Hand

Women's hands, like their faces, differ from those of men chiefly in having smaller bones, more delicate muvcles, and generally inore roundness of planes. If the middle finger is made at least half the length of the hand on the palm side it will l gt e more graceful and will characterize the hand as feminine. Even though feminine hands are slim, they still have amazing tenacity of grip. The long fingernails, oval in shape, add charm. PLATE 88. Make many studies of hands There is only one sure...

Drawing Dogs

Drawing Dogs

Here is the hunting animal on the job with tail cocked, nose alert for scents, muscles tensed for constant action. The artist began by completely drawing in the dog's outline and indicating its more important muscle, tendon, and bone structures in the torso and legs. At this stage, he was most concerned with getting the animal's shape, proportions, and attitude as correct as possible. 2. Here, the artist was concerned with values. Since this is a short-haired dog, the values will be closely...


Edgar Degas Figure Drawings

THIS is not a problem you should worry about too much, the most difficult problem is how to draw not what to draw with. Here to help you, however, should you be in doubt, are some of the methods you can use. I do stress that you should not worry too much, especially in the beginning, about your technique. Choose something simple and stick to it. If you are having trouble, it is probably because it's very difficult to draw the figure anyway and not the fault of your instruments if things go...

Human Bodies In Motion Punch In The Face

Drawing Bodies Motion

Change the direction of the face and body Only the direction of the face changes while the body still remains facing forward. However, the impact will cause the body to lean a little towards the opposite side that was hit. A long, wind-up variation. Bending the attacked-character's body like a bow, lets the reader imagine that the blow delivered to the chin was powerful enough to raise the entire weight of the body. Be sure and show the attacked-character's jaw even if attacked directly from...

Ng tne Pose of the Central Character Without Changing the Opponent Characters

Drawing Manga Head From Different Angles

The back of the foot shown depending on the kicking style. ' style variations can be expressed with Tr i'i, tne backside of the foot is drawn. the back of the foot shown depending on the kicking style. ' style variations can be expressed with Tr i'i, tne backside of the foot is drawn. Views on Attacked-characters and Knocked-out Characters e above example illustrates psychic energy being leased by the central character. When drawing a character that has been completely blown away, consider the...

How To Draw Manga Clothes

Draw Manga Faces Turned

Maybe if I add ink it will look better. Maybe if I add ink it will look better. Draw because you like it. Never forget the pleasure of creating and drawing. The essence of improving your manga is to have fun doing it. The only way to improve is to use your eyes. Get to the bottom of what and why things don't look right and fix them. Get to the bottom of what and why things don't look right and fix them. It's hard to admit your own mistakes. But you won't be able to improve as an artist unless...

Table of Contents

Stocking Screentone

Creating Basic 4. Wrinkles Formed from 5. Lines Found in Chapter 1 - Underwear and Male Underwear - Male Underwear - Female Underwear - Female Underwear - Quarter Cup Bras Pattern Quarter Cup Bras Pattern More Quarter Cup Bras Pattern Semi-bikini Bikini Quarter Cup Bras Pattern A with Bikini Underpants - Low Quarter Cup Bras Pattern A with Bikini Underpants - High More Quarter Cup Bras Pattern B with Semi-bikini Underpants - Low More Quarter Cup Bras Pattern...

Component drawings

Timber Clad Infill Panels Between Brick

A component may be defined as any item used in a building which emanates from a single source of supply and which arrives on site as a complete and self-contained unit, whose incorporation into the building requires only its fixing to another component or components. Thus, a window is clearly a component, as is a manhole cover, a door, a section of pre-cast concrete coping, a mirror. So, for that matter, is a brick. A brick wall would be an assembly. Two types of component should be...

Fist Closure

Middle Finger Side Pose

Hi the closed fist, it is important to note the correct orientation of the thumb in opposition to the fingers. In right closure the thumb lip will abut the shank of the middle phalanx of the long finger just below the closed knuckle. The line of thumb direction shown by broken arrows points diagonally from the place of middle finger contact across the center of the fourth finger knuckle toward the intersection of the little finger palm knuckle, INSIDE AND OUTSIDE ANGLES The drawing here il...

Hand Actions With An Inflexible Object

In a drawing of a hand held against a hard, unyielding object, the hand is not the primary concern m the initial stage. This sketch illustrates how the hand must relate convincingly to the structure of the guitar, once its position and design have been established. The hands have a special configuration for playing, and a good reference source such as a photograph or a live model should be used to make sure this is accurate before proceeding with drawing refinements such as form stresses,...

PLATE The baby hand

How Sketch Baby Hands

Babies' hands are a study in themselves. The basic difference from adults' hands is that the palm is relatively thicker in relation to the small fingers. The thumb muscle and heel of the baby hand are proportionately very powerful. Quite young babies have a grasp equal to their own weight. The knuckles across the back of the hand are buried in flesh and arc indicated by dimples. The base of the hand may be entirely 5urroundcd with creases. The heel of the hand is much thicker than the pads...

Body Height

Sketch Human Figure Back Behind View

The law of proportion for the human figure is based on a unit of measurement that corresponds precisely to the measurements of the head. According to the classical laws of proportion, the total height of the human body should be equal to seven and a half heads, or seven and a half units. Praxiteles s law established a new idealization of the human body according to this model, the total height of the human body must equal eight heads. In the early twentieth century, scientific analysis set the...

The Problem of the Lower Limbs

The muscles m the lower limbs present a more complex form, but after a detailed analysis you will be able to recognize each of them. The lower limbs are made up of two essential parts the thigh, where the quadriceps and the sartorius muscle lies, and the leg itself, which consists of the bulk of the tibiae and the calves. The knee lies between these two parts. The knee is the joint that articulates both of these parts, and it should look rounded and prominent when it is drawn. Notice that if...

The Hands Dimensions

Realistic Female Hands Draw

If you take the total dimensions of an open hand, viewed from the back, with the palm and fingers extended, you will fmd that the distance between the wrist and knuckles is similar to the distance between the knuckles and the tip of the middle finger. This isn't the only fact that you can ascertain by simply opening up the palm of the hand. For instance, you will find that, with the fingers outstretched, the length of the index finger is equal to that of the ring finger, and that the tip of the...

Requirements of engineering drawings

Drawing Sheet Sizes

Engineering drawings need to communicate information that is legally binding by providing a specification. Engineering drawings therefore need to met the following requirements Engineering drawings should be unambiguous and clear. For any part of a component there must be only one interpretation. If there is more than one interpretation or indeed there is doubt or fuzziness within the one interpretation, the drawing is incomplete because it will not be a true specification. The drawing must be...

Behavior And Occupations

Women Hand Arm Illustrations

Drawing hands involved in various occupations can be either prosaic or exciting. Since the hand is the most plastic part of the anatomy, it can fit around or grasp an infinite variety of shapes in countless positions. Thus an enormous variety of occupations can involve highly complex use of the hands. Occupations often require the use of some kind of utensil or tool to which the hand must adapt itself. The kind of drawing one does of the hand working at various occupations is determined to a...

The blending of lines and curves

Isometric Drawing Blending Curves

It is usually only the very simple type of engineering detail that has an outline composed entirely of straight lines The inclusion of curves within the outline of a component may be for several reasons to eliminate sharp edges, thereby making it safer to handle to eliminate a stress centre, thereby making it stronger to avoid extra machining, thereby making it cheaper and last, but by no means least, to improve its appoarance This last reason applies particularly to those industnes which...

PLATE Constructing the female head

Drawing Female Head Proportions

The over-all proportions of the female head van- only slightly from those of the male head, but the bone and muscle structure Is lighter and less prominent. In commercial art feminine types with rather firm jaws seem to have more appeal than do the very rounded. Women's eyebrows are usually a little higher above the eyes than mens are. The mouth is smaller the lips are more full and rounded, and the eyes slightly larger. Do not stress the jaw and cheek muscles.


Sketches Female Ballet Figure

SINCE the beginning of time men have been interested in drawing but the ability to make drawings of the human figure came long after bison, mammoths, antelopes, etc. I don't know why this was so, but if you look at early prehistoric cave paintings the humans are usually just little matchstick-like objects over which the wild horses and bison tower like skyscrapers. Not until long after primitive draughtsmen mastered the drawing of animals did their studies of humans begin. Early Egyptian...

Female Hand

Slender Hand Poses For Drawing

While men's nails are drawn as squares, the nails of men are drawn as ovals While men's nails are drawn as squares, the nails of men are drawn as ovals Female hands are more slender and graceful than their male counterpart's. Female hand poses tend to be less extreme, and the palm's thumb muscle is less pronounced. Avoid heavy knuckle lines on a female hand, and leave off the rings and jewelry unless they're part of a secret weapon or power.

Barns Grass Rocks and Water

Old Barn Drawings

At one time or another, you will wish to include other elements such as barns, grass, rocks or water in your landscape drawings. It's not enough just to have them in your picture, but careful consideration should be given to whether one will be the center of interest or a supporting character. Therefore, a knowledge of their construction and characteristics is important for drawing successful landscapes. Of the many things on the endangered species list, barns must be near the top. The next...

Figure Solution To Normal Surface Oblique Drawing Problem

Oblique Drawing Examples

Erase all lines and smudges, check your work, and draw in all lines to their final color and configuration figure 59, view E . b. Inclined and Oblique Surfaces. Figure 60 on the following page is a sample problem that involves creating an oblique drawing from given orthographic views that contain an inclined surface. Unlike isometric drawings, angular dimensions may be directly transferred from the front orthographic view to the front oblique view, thereby eliminating the need for...

The Female Torso

Female Body Line Drawing

From both the front and the rear, the relief of the female torso is less conditioned by the muscular structure than the male torso in it, the transitions between volumes are smoother. Two of the distinguishing features of the female torso are the lower shoulders and more prominent hips. This contour can be easily represented by two triangles joined by their vertices.These triangles should then round out their profile to achieve the curved lines characteristic of the female anatomy. A good...

Oblique projection

Oblique Drawing

Oblique projection is enother method of pictorial drawing. It is simpler than isometric but it does not present so realistic a picture. Fig. 6 1 shows a shaped block drawn in oblique projection There are three drawings of the same block in Fig. 6 1. They all show the front face of the block drawn in the plane of the paper and the side and top faces receding at 30 . 49 and 6C on the three drawings An oblique line is one which is neither vertical nor horizontal, and the receding lines in oblique...

Strndrrd Human Bodv Structure

Teknik Manga Head

The orbit of movement of the shoulder and arm. The deltoid muscle is positioned here. The elbow position when the arms are lowered. The trapezoid wil stretch or shrink depending on the l movement. A When you cannot figure out the length of the arm when it is stretched horizontally, use as a guideline the length when it is raised. When this length is calculated, then The crotch has a small gap through the thighs, when the legs are closed. it will be easy to imagine the length of this portion....

The Line of Action or Strength

For a figure to attain an impression of equilibrium and rhythm, it is necessary for it to have an internal line, an imaginary line that extends across the length of the figure, in order to articulate its rhythmic effect. This structural line, known as the line of action, should be the basis for any drawing of a pose or movement. Working with lines of force allows us to approach the internal rhythm without the figure becoming unbalanced. When constructing a pose, it is preferable to first...

PLATE Proportions of the schoolboys head

Girl And Old Car Drawing

Children between eight and twelve are more difficult to draw than either very young children or adults. The character of the head is pretty well established by this time, and some children have even taken on quite an adult look. But there is a trick to indicating this age group which is quite dependable. The eyes have moved up to touch the halfway line, and the space from the hairline to the top of the head is three-fourths of a unit instead of one-half unit as it is in the adult. In the adult...

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