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How Draw Female Body

In order to visualize a detail of an item of clothing, a head and shoulders view, an item of footwear etc, it is unnecessary to draw the figure in its entirety. It is sufficient to portray only the motif or the detail that you wish to emphasize, enlarging the area of interest and bringing it into close-up, using a technique common in cinema and photography.

Each picture drawn serves to highlight a detail which must be clearly portrayed, in order to facilitate the faithful interpretation of the stylist's work in the fashion house.

enlargements of faces in close-up

Fashion Design PicturesFashion Design Faces

enlargements of faces in close-up

Various Fashion PosesFashion Poses


Body For Fashion DesignDraw Fashion Design

relaxed poses for youthful, classic or casual fashion

Casual Fashion DesignDrawing Women

The three models have beeri drawn with a fluid and more emphatic line and with very light chiaroscuro which emphasizes the dimensions of the body.

How Draw Fashion Sketches

various perspectives. The smaller figures represent the sketches for some poses.

Sketches Female Body For DesignAnime Fashion Model


Catwalk Models Drawing

This composition is very useful lite the preceding one for assembling models for the same collection. The route taken by the models presents the opportunity of visualizing various items of clothing in a pleasant setting.

Woman Poses Sketches

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