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To make a sketch directly from the dress seems a very difficult problem to the inexperienced art student; and it would be if an attempt were made to draw it as one would draw a flower or a vase. But if the student has thoroughly mastered all previous lessons and applies them as this lesson is studied, she will have no difficulty in sketching any costume in a short space of time.

In sketching a dress directly from the model, proceed as follows:

Let us imagine that we are viewing the dress itself wThich is on a dressmaker's form: After drawing the form, look at the dress carefully, taking in everything regarding it. Ask yourself these questions, and as you answer them, place the proportions on your form, using light lines.

Question. Is the neck high or low?

Answer. High in the back and low in the front.

Question. What shape is the front opening?

Answer. It is V-shaped.

Question. How low does the V open?

Answer. Less than halfway down the front.

Draw so applying principles of Lesson II, Fig. C.

Question. What is the shape of the collar?

Answer. It is a deep sailor collar which is sewed on the V neck more than halfway down. The collar goes toward the back and falls over the normal arm hole. (Lesson VI, Collar 4.)

Question. Is the waist all in one piece?

Answer. No. It has an over-waist which fits up to the middle of the shoulders

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