The Head And Hair

Lessons XIII and XIV should be studied together, as they bear upon the same subject, " heads." By studying and applying the principles of these lessons, the student will be able to use a picture as a model and from it construct an original head.

You will 6nd in fashion figures many types of faces, some pretty and some freaky; many business houses preferring the first type wl'le others prefer the second.

Alter you have learned to draw a normal head with normal features, it is suggested that you try to create an original hpad, which might make a hit with the public; but in order to do this you must thoroughly understand the foundation pr nnples of drawing for all head«.

ovals for heads

Begin by dra\ -ng the ovals. Here we have three ovals, full, three-quarter, and the profile views, on which may be constructed the full, three-quarter and profile heads.

Oval No. 1 is sketched ia by beginning at the arrow and making a sweep around the oval, which is egg shape; that is, it is widest higher than the center or through the eyebrows. Continue this 'ine around the oval and down one side of the neck Do not make the space between the arrow and the neck fine too wide. It is well to redraw this oval carefully before placing the features.

From the top of the head draw the center line down through the chin As this is the full front view, this line v ill be in the middle of the drawing.

Ova) No. 2 is draw n the same way, but as the head is turned partly away from you it gives the three-quarter view. This oval is not tipped as No. 1 is.

A head that is turned is moved from side to side in an upright position When a head is tipped, the top of it is bent to the right, left, back or front. Hence the chin takes the opposite direction.

The center line of oval No. 2 is in the middle of the face but not in the middle of the drawing. See how it curves around the oval.

Oval No. 3 is quite different, the outline of the fealures giving it its shape. From the nose the slant is back to the forehead and down to the chin, wl ch is also back. Do not slant too much. The oval is full at the back. Two Lnes are drawn for the neck, indicating that the head goes slightly forward from the shoulders. Note the cross line showing that the back of the neck begins on a line with the nose.

In young people the eyes are in the middle of the head, so in fashions we want the faces to look fresh and new as well as the dresses. Place th£ eyes rn the m.ddle of the head anil have them an eye apart. The eyebrows in a woman are higher than in a man Place them high enough.

The nose is hallway between the eyebrows and the chin and the mouth is one-third of the w ay down from the nose to the chm. Indicate these proportions by short lines as in o\al No. 2.

On these three ovals may be placed the three heads below; but before doing so take up Lexson XIV and understand the construction of a head in its various positions.

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