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The leg is composed of many intricate muscles, MKm them only being mentioned h

The vastus intervm (VI) is on the inside and is low, while the vastus externus (VE) is on the outside and is high. The knee fits between these muscles and the lower part of the leg.

Study the lower part of the leg, notice how much higher the outside is than the inside. At the ankle this is reversed, the inside ankle being higher than the outside.

the back. view of the leg

In the back view of the leg the lower part is back of the upper; see the vertical line. The foot is partly hidden and is foreshortened. Get the direction of all lines of the foot as it is lost behind the leg.

Draw Figs. 1, 3, and 5, noting the cross lines.

Keep these drawings for reference. Make other drawings of these figures on which place Figs. 2, 4, and 6.


In the five different positions of the shoe which are given here, the direction of lines is the essential point, so the lines are broken.

When drawing from the chart leave all breaks, but when making a finished drawing connect the lines.

the front view of the shoe

On the front view of the shoe note the direction of the leg, then of the foot as it

Cumes toward you, the heel in this view being lost. The outer curve of the shoe is longer and more prominent than the inner. There are three planes on the shoe which show most distinctly where the vamp and tip are sewed. The inside ankle is very prominent while the outside one is lost.

the side view of the shoe

Note all breaks and curves on this shoe and make the heel fit well under the foot. The top line curves down and the heel is on a line with the sole.

When drawing a slipper, make it look dainty and like a slipper, not like a rubber the back view of the shoe

In the back view ol the shoe the top line curves up, not down. The foot being turned away from you, it is foreshortened and the vamp does not appear as long as in the other views. Note the line of direction as, the foot recedes. The leg breaks into the instep, showing that it is nearer to you than the instep.

Note the plane at the back of the shoe and the two planes on the heel. The heel does not appear as far under the toot as :n the side view.

the three-qfarter view of the shoe

In the three-quarter view of the shoe the heel is almost lost. Get the three planes on the vamp and tip, also the center line. This shoe is not resting evenly on the ground, the toe only touching it. When the shoe is pointing slightly toward you, the inside of the heel is seen.

When draw ing a black shoe, mark with pencil the place to be inked in, leaving high lights for the shape of the shoe, at the edge (except on the dark side) and on the sole.

Notk.—The next lesson advise" the student to study books on anatimy. There are many books or. this subject and from each one the student will leara something. Do not confine yourself to one book.

Study from these books just how the bones of the leg fit under the .-¡urfuce. It will be excellent practice.

Fashion Illustration Drawing Shoes

construction of the leg and shoe in different positions

Different Shoes Drawings

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