Lesson Xvii

the front figure (.

To draw a good fashion figure the body must first be placed under the clothes. The figure given in this lesson is not nude, but is ready for a corset, underclothes, bathing suit, dress, suit, or a coat (a coat, of course not clinging to the figure as closely as a dress). If the student will draw the complete figure carefully under every garment, he will have no trouble when drawing a bathing figure, or one in underclothes —although busy artists merely sketch in the figure without finishing parts that do not show in the finished draw ing. This is a saving of time for one who knows how.

Remember the lesson on the three-quarter form, Lesson I. See how the dress form conforms to the shape of the human figure.

Fashion figures vary as style changes, but the student will do well to make figures seven (7) to eight (8) heads high. The figure must be slim and graceful. The figure may measure the required number of heads, but is too stout it will not look right.

Fig. 1 is the way to commence to draw. It is a rough outline of the proportion, action, and the placing of the figure on the paper. Later, when you know how, you nay use curved lines if you prefer.

Study the proportions gu*en here and apply them to Fig. 1. After you have drawn Fig. 1, using broken lines, place Fig. 2 on it. Remember all instructions given on heads, arms and legs. If you are weak on these, review the previous lessons, as parts poorly drawn will make a poor whole.

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