Lesson Vi

collar 7

Collar 7 happens to be more of a cape effect than a collar. It hangs well down over the shoulders, rippling slightly at the bottom. Note the XX lines, the under surface of the goods, and where the cape fits around the sleeve.

Note all the guide lines around the neck, as the collar must have the appearance of going around the neck at the same height.

the pointed girdle

In the deep pointed girdle, the lines are drawn as explained in Fig. Q. The bottom line follows the waist line, and the top, on the near side, curves down, while the far side takes the opposite curve around the form.

See application of Lesson V.

collar 5

Collar 5 has a ruffle placed evenly around the top, extending well past the sides. If the student understands the lines of the ruffle (Lesson IV), he can easily place the same on this collar.

collar 6

Collar 6 is the front of a sailor collar. Make the points directly opposite each other. In this collar the student will observe how the collar is sewed on the edge of the neck, extending past it.


Collar Fashion Drawing
fitting waists and the sash on the waist form

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