Joseph M Jameson

Girard College


Decorative Design. A Textbxjk or Practical Methods. By Joseph Cummings Chase, Instri ctor in Decorative Design at the College of the City of Ntw York und at the Woman's Art School, Coper Union. vi+7s pages, 8 by iof, 340 figures. Cloth. Si.50 net.

Agricultural Drafting. By Ch\rles B. Howe, M.E. 8 by ioJ, vin+63 pages, 45 figures, 2t> plates. Cloth, Si.25 net.

Agricultural Drafting Problems. A Manual to Supplement the text n Agricultural Drafting. By Chvrles B. Howe, M.E. 26 plates, 8 by 10J. In paper cover, 50 cents net.

Architectural Drafting. By A. B. Greenbirg, Stuyvtsant Technical iigh School. New York; and Charles B. Howe, Bushwick Evening High School, Brooklyn, viii+no pages, 8 by ioJ, 53 figures, 12 plates. Cloth, SS1.50 net.

The Orders of Architecture. A Manual to Supplement the text in Architectural Drafting. By A. Benton Greenberg 20 plates, 8 by ioj. In paper cover, 50 cents net.

Mechanical Drafting. By Charli s B Howf, M.E., ,'iuihwick Evening II¡¿h Schuol, Brooklyn. x+147 pages, 8X10J 165 figures, 38 plates. Cloth,$1.75net.

DrawIng for builders. Bv k. Bi'rdettf, D \le, Formerly Director of Vocational Courses, Iowa State College, v+i^ page?, S by 10;, 69 figures. 50 plates. Cloth, $1.50 net.

Costume Design and .'lustration bye-ihelli 1 raph igen, Instructor and Lecturer at Cooper Union, eU. U-M45 pages, h by roj. Upwards of 200 illustrations, including several in color, and a Color Spectrum Chart. Cloth, ^2.50 net.

Meehanica Drafting Manual. A Series of Les=on> and E cercises Based upon the fundamental Principles of Drafting By Charles B. Howe, M.E. Part I. General Principles of Drafting and Working Drawings. 15 Lessons, with Illustrations. Part Ii. Geometry of Drawing. 15 E/ercises, a( ompanied by full-page plates. 8S bj 6J. Printed in loose-leaf torm, each Part in a separate envelope. (fn Press, Ready I all, 1919.) '

(Part III Machine Drafting: a) Elementary Principles, (b) Advanced. Part IV. Plan Drawing. Part V. Plot and Map Drawing. In preparation).

StuJent's Manuai 01 Fashioi Drawing. T1 irtv Lessons with Conventional Charts. B> Editn Young. Director of t!,e Edith Young Art School, Newark, N. J. Formerly Ai* Direc tor ot the Albert Studio of Fashion lira wing, Albert Business College, Newark, N. J , and Instrui tor of Fashion Drawing at the Young Women'- Christian Association. Newark N. J. vii+107 pages. 8 by iojf. 30 full-page reproductions of original drawings. Cloth, $2.00 Bel tor full announcement see list following index.

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