the following suggestions: When beginning to draw, use a blunt pencil point with plenty of lead exposed, at least one-thirr1 inch. For fine work, such as faces, hands, details, etc., use a very fine point. I can not be too emphatic about this. So many drawings are poor for the simple reason that a dull point is not the proper tool for fine lines. To save time, sharpen your pencil often on an emery pad.

For the man part of costumes, a fine point is not good; have plenty of lead exposed and do not try to draw with the wood.

When you use an eraser, build as you rub. Era«e the old lines often, allowing them to show, and on these indistinct lines make your drawing better. Use a soft rag or feather duster to clean off the specks. After drawing for a time, rest the eye, as the eye becomes stale with close watclj ing. View your picture at a distance, reverse it in a looking-glass, turn it upside dow n.

A diminishing glass helps in detecting errors.

Learn to criticise your own work, and let others criticise it for you, even if they are not artists. A novice w ill often see a defect that you have passed over. Be on the lookout for anything that will help you n your study, be it a picture, a book, or gowns themselves.

Learn to trust to your eye, but if you are not satisfied with results, use the following measuring system to true up your work: On a piece of cardboard, one inch by four or five inches, mark off at the top a measurement of the model, say one-half head. Below this mark make another mark the size of one-half the head of your figure. See how many times the first measurement goes into certain parts on the model. LTse the second measurement on all corresponding parts on your drawing.

Edith Young.

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