looser than this by breaking some lines in the high lights.

A guide line through the center of the insertion will be a help in placing a design.

If it is necessary to record the names of the materials used, write them out opposite each material, connecting them to the material with horizontal lines.

All dimensions for the back view must accord with the front. This front view being two and one-half time3 larger than the back, all dimensions on it must be two and one-half times larger. Refer to Lesson II, Figs. D and E.

If the exact design of the lace or embroidery is required, make a careful sketch of it in the corner of your paper.

It is well to try to remember costumes you see in the shops and on people. By looking at them closely and asking yourself questions you can remember enough to draw them afterwards. This is excellent practice and will aid you greatly in obtaining ideas for original designing.

Practice sketching from costumes, as the art of accurate sketching is worth money, and the more you sketch the quicker you will become and the more valuable to your employer.


quick method of sketching costumes


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