cuide lines of the sleeve form, the sleeve flaring above and below it.

the bent sleeve

The bending of a sleeve causes it to wrinkle. Study the bent sleeve and note the c rinkles w hich lie mainly on the inside. At the elbow the w rinkles curve around the form toward the outside.

collar 1

Collar 1 is a stiff collar turning over and standing away from the neck. Be sure to fit it around the neck, but do not draw the lines too near it.

collar 2

Collar 2 is of fine plaiting, standing up and down around the neck, bi ing held close to the neck by a tight band.

Draw guide lines for the width of each part, and all lines from the band out to these lines, connecting them at the bottom and top as described ji Lesson III, Fig. F (plaited skirt); but if connected sometimes sharp aud sometimes wavy, it will take away the stiff appearance of the set plaits and make the goods look soft and thin.

collar 3

Collar 3 is made of fluting, being placed around a low neck, the lines being very regular. Note the XX l?nes, and where the fluting turns up. You would readily see the underside of the fluting, but these lines may be omitted as too many lines cause confusion.

Apply this lesson and Lesson VI as you did the previous ones. You will find many kinds of waists to draw, but the main principles are given in these lessons, and by applying them careiully, you will have no difficulty in drawing any design.

Always draw understandingly. Do not merely copy the linos of a picturc.


fitting waists, collars and the buckle on the waist form

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