From A Costume

(Lesson VI, Fig. R) and is gathered in with the under-waist at the belt where it blouses over the girdle. (Lesson II, Fig. C.)

Question. What kind of a sleeve has it?

Answer. A long kimona sleeve (Lesson VI, Fig. R) fulled into a deep gauntlet. (Lesson VI, Fig. Q.)

Question. Of what does the skirt consist?

Answer. Three deep flounces, the lower two being sewed on the underskirt.

The two lower flounces are the same depth while the top one is longer. The latter hangs down as low as the sleeve.

Question. How wide is the lace insertion on the sleeve?

Answer. About one-seventh of the depth of the gauntlet.

Question. How wide is the lace insertion on the skirt?

Answer. Twice the width of the insertion on the sleeves.

Question. What kind of buttons has it?

Answer. Three small buttons on each side of the over-waist which extend from the collar to the bottom of the V.

Question. What kind of a girdle has it?

Answer. A crushed girdle as wide as two-thirds of the width of the gauntlet. (Lesson VI, Fig. Q.)

When you feel that all these proportions are placed on your form correctly, strengthen them with clean-cut, snappy strokes. Compare this plate with Lesson II. Note how much easier the bottom lines of the flounces are, how some folds turn one way, and some the other. Note carefully all XX lines and the lines for the fullness. You can make a sketch even

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