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Costume Design and Illustration. By Ethel H. Traphagen, Instructor and Lecturer at Cooper Union, etc. ix+145 pages. 8 by 10%. Upwards of 200 Illustrations, including several in Color, and a Color Spectrum Chart. Cloth, $2.50 net.

Student's Manual of Fashion Drawing. Thirty Lessons with Conventional CHARTa. By Edith Young. Director of the Edith Young Art School, Newark, N. J. Formerly Art Director of the Albert Studio of Fashion Drawing, Albert Business College, Newark, N. J., and Instructor of Fashion Drawing at the Young Women's Christian Association, Newark, N. J. vii-J-107 pages. 8 by 1030 full-page reproductions of original drawings. 'Cloth, $2.00 net.

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100 Fashion Tips

100 Fashion Tips

One of the most important things you need to take note of about becoming fashionable is to get fitter. Therefore, if you are carrying some extra pounds, then you should lose some of it soon. You can do it through dieting, working out, or a good combination of both. Find more fashion tips like this one within this guide.

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