Aqriculture And Horticulture

Field and Laboratory Studies of Soils. By ProfeBsor A. G. McCall, Ohio State University, viii+77 pages. 5 hy 7. 32 figures. Cloth, 60 cents net.

Field and Laboratory Studies of Crops. By ProfeBsor A G McCall, Ohio State University, viii+133 pages. 5 by 7 54 figures. Cloth, 85 ceDts net.

Market Gardening- By F. L. Yeaw, Oasis Farm Orchard Compaoy, Roswell, New Mexico. Formerly Professor of Market Gardening, Massachusetts Agricultural College. vi + 110 pages. 5 by 7. 36 figures. Cloth, 75 cents net ver



The Chemistry of Farm Practice. By T. E. Keitt, Chemist of South Carolina Experiment Station, and Professor of Soils, Clemson Agricultural College, South Carolina, xii+253 pages. 5}i by 781 figures. Cloth, $1.25 net.

Studies of Trees. By J. J. Levison, formerly Forester, Park Department, Brooklyn, N. Y. x +253 pages. 5K by 8. 156 half-tone illustrations. Cloth, $1.60 net.

Agricultural Drafting. By Charles B. Howe, M.E. 46 pages. 8 by 10 45 figures, 22 plates. Cloth, $1.25 net.

School Entomology. For Secondary Schools and Agricultural Short Courses. By E. Dwight Sanderson, formerly Dean, College of Agriculture, West Virginia University, and L. M. Peairs, Professor of Entomology, West Virginia University. 356 pages. 5^by7H- 233 figures. Cloth, $1.50 net.

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