And Flowers

Bow No. 7 is a rosette with ends. Watch the direction of the hues to obtain this effect.

At the bottom of the page is illustrated a broad ribbon run through holes. Note the guide lines at the top and bottom of the holes. All holes must be the same size, evenly spaced, and not drawn too near the edge of banding. If the ribbon is wide, it will bulge at the top and bottom, causing the lines to take a rounding shape instead of being straight like the openings. A ribbon the width of the holes will not wr'^kle as this wide one does.

If a ribbon is turned over, the width of the riobon vanishes where it is turned.

When drawing the patent leather belt, outline the place for the bla^k after the belt is outlined, then ink n with a brush. A belt like this is hard and shiny, therefore it will have a few irregular high lights, also a line of light around the edge except on the dark side.

Remember the instruction on the buckle given in Lesson V, but in outlining a buckle on a solid back ground, remember that the outline of the buckle where it touches the belt will be a part of the back ground when it is inked m. so gauge aitofdiBgly.

Flowers are expressed with a few lines. Draw the full front flower, also the side view. Notice how the petals fit into each other.

Practiccdr? wing bows and flowers. Make 8 careful study of black ribbon and bows,

Ribbon Bow Drawing
principal lines of ribbons, bows and flowers
Flowers With Ribbons Drawn

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