The medium

Alan worked on strong smooth artist's board and built up all the detail in pencil directly onto the surface of the board. He then sprayed on (without using masks) thin layers of acrylic paints. He completed the painting using artist's oil colors applied thinly. One of his most successful techniques is to gently remove the surface of the painting using a hard pencil eraser. Carefully handled, this technique creates highlights and reveals colors applied previously.

Joshua Nava

Oil colors

George Sharp

Illustration from The High Kings, published by Ballantine, USA 23V2" x 17%" (60cm x 45cm)

George Sharp's technique is to combine very detailed photographic references with his highly accomplished skills in figure and animal drawing. He normally works in oils, initially applied in thin layers, which build up the detail to produce an effect of glowing inner light. The surface is a very finely textured canvas, which George stretches and primes himself to produce a very smoothly surfaced finish and a card-like absorbency.

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