Techniques and tips

This section begins with a selection of eight pictures, each created by a contemporary fantasy artist, and each picture is an example of the way in which the artist has mastered his chosen medium. You too must constantly practice with the medium you find most convenient, and from which you obtain the best results. However, do continue to explore new media when not working on your finished paintings.

Always try to keep your work surfaces clean and your tools in good working order. Never buy cheap brushes, pens or paper. An initially high expense can prove a worthwhile investment and help you to avoid frustrations incurred when using cheaper, less reliable, tools.

Always resolve as much as possible either on independent sketches or studies, or by obtaining detailed references. Consequently, you should never have to arrive at a point during the painting when major elements are still unresolved and which could develop in a form you find unacceptable.

Study closely the surfaces of other artists' works to discover their method of working. Be careful when examining reproductions as these are often greatly reduced versions of the original and, as such, can imply working methods other than those used by the original artist. Try to see the work of fantasy artists in exhibitions or art galleries and, if possible, visit the studios of artists whose works you admire.

Three studies, in pencil (A), crayon (B), and brush (C), for a science fiction illustration. The top three are slightly reduced from the original, whereas the bottom three are greatly reduced.

Joshua Nava

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