Deliberate accidents

An accidental occurrence in the production of a drawing may not always be detrimental. Accidental marks on a drawing's surface may enhance it and inspire new ideas. Many artists experiment with textures and keep examples of random discoveries. When you are not working directly on a finished drawing practise experimenting with new media, unfamiliar tools and surfaces so as to master the effects and use them confidently. Remember to be open to the unexpected.

Unexpected sources A popular 19th century hobby was autograph collecting, and this led to the publication of a book entitled Ghosts of my friends. The book contained blank pages on which friends of the owner wrote their names in ink along a vertical crease. The page was folded over so that the ink smudged, producing a double blot or 'ghost'. The 'ghost' (right) is of the signature of Florence M. Woon, a dry version of which is printed [left).

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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