Inspiration from nature

Many fairie* live in habitat* familiar to us, such a* gardens, flower-strewn meadow*, tree*, lakes, river*, or roclry landscape*, *o you can bring element* of landscape and flower painting into your fairy image*. Nature provide* important source* for clothing, wings, or fairy home*— some fairies, for example, live in flower* or in toadstool houses—*o whenever possible make sketches of leave*, flowers, mushrooms, and anything else associated with fairie*. The setting for your fairy or group of fairie* can be as important as the figure* themselves, as it help* to build a

David Riché

How Draw Fairies

Given to Fly * James Browne

Flower fairies, who may appear alone or in playful groups, are tiny—the sixe of a flower bud, and sometimes even smaller.

How Draw Flying Fairies

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    How to draw flying fairies?
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    How to paint flying fairies?
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