Fairy Helpers

Some fairies take a great interest in humans and will help their favorite people. They admire simple folk who are generous and hard working, and hate those who are lazy, quarrelsome, and greedy.

The Guardian* * Linda Varos (below)

l"he Guardian I'airy appeared to the artist in a dream, and she felt compelled to paint her as soon as possible before the dream-image faded. She quickly sketched her daughter in the appropriate pose, transferred the drawing to watercolor paper, and began to paint, working from background to foreground. 1 he clothing and wings were left until last, so that the overall coloration could dictate the final shades of these. I he pale and delicate colors remind us of the fragility of the eggs themselves, and the irregular frame of apple blossoms that encircles the nest stresses the theme of the protection of precious objects.

Kate Dolamore

Spotted Ri:i> * Kate Dolamore (above)

The impact of this dramatic painting stems from the bold use of red and black in strongly contrasting tones. The in tones and background were painted m-et into wet, and the red spots on the wings and skin (inspired by real creatures with similar marks—such as leopard frogs) were applied m-hen the rest was dry. A black marker mas used to create the border, and highlights m-ere added to the wings and eyes with white gouache.

Appleblossoms Drawings

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