Dark Fairies

Alot all fairies are good and beautiful. Some are ugly, and some are very wicked indeed[ with their chief aim in life being the suffering of human beings.

Nimble Jack Fairy Amy BrownHumans Fairies

The Tiiief * Bricid Asiiwood (ateno)

This fairy thief may he either a scheming temptress who will take your last penny or a female Robin Hood, who takes from the rich to give to the poor. Some fairies are certainly known to be thieves, but on ly take away what selfish humans deserve to lose; when people become miserly and refuse to share their possessions, the fairies will take them, ihe fine details in this picture, notably around the eyes, were created with colored pencils. Additional shadows on the stones and surrounding frame and wing segments were achieved with white gouache and gray watercolor marker.

Nimble Jack * Amy Brown (left)

The artist has chosen a tall vertical format for this painting in order to draw the eye upward to the mischievous-looking fairy perched on top of a precarious-looking pile of rocks. To paint the stones, she blocked in the shadow┬╗ first, using layers of Paynes gray mixed with lamp black. To achieve the granular cffcct , salt was sprinkled into the wet paint, and then some light scribbling with a watercolor pencil was added over the top for highlights in the stone. All the colors in the composition are harmonious earth tones of green, gray, umber, and brown.

Pencil Drawings Dark Fairies

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