Tore or Frost Linda Ravenscroft right

A few autumnal leave- cling to the branches of a tree in which a fairy perches. Her slrirt an J wings are rimed with ice, showing that winter is on its way. She is a frost fairy, a hind of female Jack Frost who paints delicate icy patterns on window panes, and who nips children's noses and toes in her cold fingers. She was drawn in sepia ink and comple ted with la>ers of watercolor washes. Notice that the contrast of her blue dress with the red leaves gives a wintry effect to the image. White gouache was used to create the icy areas.

Linda Ravenscroft EntJack Frost Has Wing

Tilt Ent * Jami-s Browne

(left) Inspired by the creatures created by J.R.R. Tolkien in his epic trilogy The ix>rj of the Krihjf, the artist has depicted a melancholy lint who calls for our sympathy, though the twig growing out of his nose adds a touch of humor. Ents themselves are entirely a product of modern fiction, but they also reflect many older legends of tree spirits found in forest glades, inhabiting certain magical trees such as the oak, elm, hawthorn, and willow. Sepia ink was used for the initial drawing, and the work was completed in watercolor applied wet on dry.

Linda Ravenscroft

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