The Eyes Converge Near Vs Far Gaze

Space Near And Far


Facial Symmetry

There are only two differences between these two drawings: the openness of the eyes and the separation of the irises. The face on the left, with more open eyes and irises centered in the eye, seems more outward looking. The face on the right, with eyes slightly more closed and irises slightly more separated, seems much more detached. We speak of someone with this look as gazing inward, or, less kindly, of being "spaced out."


This wall-eyed gentleman may not have been as wall-eyed as he looks. The disturbing effect of the eyes being out of symmetry (left iris closer to the eye corner than the right) dominates this portrait, but it's more likely that it was the artist who had eye problems. The Portrait of Joshua Trevis by the same artist, Jacob Eichholtz, has eyes with precisely the same problem. A portrait artist might encounter one person like this, but two?

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    How far do the eyes converge at near?
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