The Crying Mouth

Risorius Muscle Exercises


The crying mouth is much wider than a relaxed mouth because of the sideways pull of risorius/platysma. It's rectangular in shape because of the upward pull on upper lip and sideways pull on lower. It's rimmed by stretched, thinned lips with sharp highlights and smoothed surfaces. It's more rounded in skin area above lips (note shadows on right) and framed by raised cheeks and vertical folds from nose to chin.

Sideways Mouth Drawing
Crying Mouth


Both the crying and laughing mouths are widened with thinned, taut lips (the upper lip is nearly straight). Both are set into the face, curved tightly against the skull, and framed by long, vertical folds from nose to chin. But nasolabial fold in laughter is more angled (A), deeper in lower part versus upper in cry. Upper teeth rarely show in crying; full front row always shows in laugh. Upper lip in crying doesn't taper as much; it's nearly the same width right up to mouth corner. The key to shape difference is where laughing mouth goes up (B): crying mouth continues sideways, making opening more square. Note also that mentalis (C) never appears during laughter.


Moving Mouth Animation


In moving from repose to grief, the face embodies the increasing distress. Crying with the mouth closed can involve as many as nine facial muscles —more than any other expression. Adding to the complexity is the activity in the brow, where the eyebrows first move upward (below), then downward (opposite, top), caught between the pull of opposing muscles. Long after the cry has faded, this conflicted brow remains.

Crying Mouth

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