The Brow Of Grief

Facial Expressions Grief

Few forms are more suggestive of a particular emotion than the brow of grief is of sadness. The stretched mouth and clenched eye do not by themselves lend the face an unambiguous air of distress. The brow of grief does. The brow of grief is an action of restraint. In the most intense cry, the orbicularis oculi (A) is fully contracted, an action that triggers the corrugator (B), the frowning muscle. When distress is less intense (bottom), the pull downward on the brow is resisted by the middle fibers of frontalis (C), creating horizontal middle-brow wrinkles and pulling up on the inner end of the eyebrow. The relaxed eyebrow never assumes this form. Vertical creases and dimples show that the corrugator is still active.


Oculi Orbiculari Facial ExpressionsGreif Facial Expressions

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