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One way to find out if the eye is looking slightly up or down is to compare the iris' position to the level of the inner eye corner (line). In a level gaze, the line indicated will cross the lower part of the iris; looking down, the middle of the iris crosses the line; looking up, the iris' lower part rises past the line.



The angle of the upper lid has a great effect on the way we perceive the eye. It's a key element in telling the extra-wide eye from the neutral eye—more important than the white above the iris. Even in a neutral eye with lots of iris showing (left), the steepest angle the lid makes as it rises to the top of the arch will never exceed 45 degrees (line). Once either or both upper legs exceed 45 degrees (center), we recognize that the eye is open wider than usual. This rule holds true for nearly every eye. The upraised eye and the widened eye have certain similarities. In both, the upper lid arches much higher on the eye. Here, the angle of the outer leg is nearly identical. What makes the overall shape of the eye different is the lower lid; when the eye looks upward, the lower lid loses some of its downward bow, and appears slightly straighter, particularly in its outer portion (A).


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